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How to be More Productive at Workplace (7 Steps)

How to be More Productive


Working for any firm, you need to have a productive approach and if you seek to run a business of yours, you need to adopt a productive approach. Someone has rightly said,” Those who are not productive are doing a huge loss to the nation and thus we need to look for the approaches that can help us be more productive. In this topic we are up with some ways that if we add to our lifestyle, we can learn to be more productive. Some of these ways can be explained as follows:-

How to be More Productive at Workplace (7 Steps)

How to be More Productive at Workplace

1. Don’t Waste Your Time:-

Learn to avail your time in a better way. When you learn to avail your time in a better manner, you learn to be productive. Make a time table, and be strict to it. Deal with all the appointments in a fixed hour and do the things like answering phone calls etc. after office hours.

2. Value Others:-

Every person coming to work with you should be valued. Keep appreciating them in a better way so as to enhance production quality. Ask them to concentrate on the quality and not the quantity of work. Tell them their importance and tell them the value of work they are doing.

3. Plan Your Schedule:-

Plan a schedule for yourself. A separate hour for managing the things, separate hour to have a check on others. A routine of checking the files, a routine of having lunch and check your messages, etc. in the time left within it only. Learn to avail every single minute left with you. Learn to be your own personal secretary.

4. Reminders For Everything:-

Put a reminder with you for every task to perform. A separate reminder for meetings, for outdoor activities, for lunch and even to go back home. Your timings should be properly organized and maintained with reminders to help you.

5. Stop Waiting:-

Waiting for somebody wastes your time. Even a single minute is important. Those who fix a meeting and reach late should never be entertained. Be in time and expect others to be in time. Those who reach even ten minutes late are wasting your time and should not be entertained.

6. Punctuality:-

We learned in nursery class that one should be regular and punctual. In order to be more productive, you should apply this advice to your own lifestyle. Strictly follow it and tell all the others associated with you to do the same. Always be in time and never entertain those who get late for everything. Keep the substitutes ready for replacement.

7. Complements To Others:-

Those who work well should get compliments. If someone working for you is better enough to enhance production, he or she should get a compliment for that. Who does not likes compliments? Getting a compliment he or she will feel even happier and work with a positive approach looking forward to work in a way, even better to get more of your compliments thus resulting in better production. Not just the others, you should keep complementing yourself also.


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