How to Be Emotionless and Heartless

How to Be Emotionless and Heartless


World today is of the people who have got beauty with brain and who know when to use their mind and when to use their heart. People appreciate mind but never appreciate emotions and thus there is a need to behave emotionlessly. To be emotionless serves to be a great benefit for all as it makes you independent of all the people surrounding you and thus you come to know how to live life without depending on others and teaches you how to live with head raised high. In order to be emotionless, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:- (How to Be Emotionless)

How to Be Emotionless and Heartless

How to Be Emotionless

1. Be Stonehearted:-

Those who pay response to others always become a victim of emotions and if you become a victim of emotions, you can’t ever be emotionless. You should try out being stone hearted the most of time so as to get rid of these emotions and you should believe that you are cruel enough to pay heed to anyone’s actions in order to be emotionless.

2. Learn the Art of Ignorance:-

The art of ignorance is what you may seek to learn in order to be emotionless. Emotions make us weak and thus these are your greatest enemy. Try to ignore the people who seek to get your sympathy through your tears and stay the most of times with those who pay a damn to those who throw the bows of their emotions all the time.

3. Be Independent:-

Above all, you should try being independent as well as self supporting as when you don’t pay heed to others, even they would pretend not to pay heed to you and thus if you can be a support for yourself, you can also get self-dependent and there won’t be any worries even if others don’t stay with you. (How to Be Emotionless)

4. be economically stable:-

Not just being independent is sufficient but you also need to be economically stable in order to live life without emotions. Just tell yourself that you are stronger and if you fall a prey to emotions, you would get weak. You don’t wish to stay weak right? Well thus you would have to quit emotions being a solid reason for you to be emotionless.

5. Keep Emotions by the Side:-

Emotions should be kept by the side in order to be emotionless. Sometimes the situation may bring you in front of someone who is really valuable to you but you would still have to keep stones over your heart in order not to fall a prey to emotions and thus if you can manage to keep all of your emotions by the side, you can really become emotionless. (How to Be Emotionless)

6. Never go On the Tears:-

I really hate tears as even if they are fake, we can’t judge them and emotions are likely to arise in such situations even if we have kept them by the side. You should never go on someone’s tears if you wish to be emotionless. Take tears as water but not tears and you get sorted. Think it as bad water being eliminated from eyes and even emotions would not come closer to you. (How to Be Emotionless)


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