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How to Be Cool with Everyone in High School

How to Be Cool with Everyone in High School


School Time is full of fun. Children in this age are care free and obviously talented as well as enthusiastic as this is the age of growth. Every student wishes to be cool in this age and thus most of the student fall a prey either to a bad company or it is that they start being vulgar or idiotic. You should only follow the elegant and working approaches to become cool in school and as it is the dream of every child to be cool in school, here we are mentioning some of the tips regarding the same that you can follow in order to be cool in school.

How to Be Cool with Everyone in High School

How to Be Cool with Everyone in High School

1. Be Friendly With Everyone:-

First of all, let me tell you that being cool means many enemies who seek to take your position and thus you should try to be friendly with every one. If you are a boy, try every other boy as a brother and every other girl as a friend while if you are a girl, treat every other girl as a sister and every other boy as a friend. This will make you develop friendly relations soon with the entire class and you have a back up with yourself.

2. Be a Winner in Extra Curricular and a Topper in Studies:-

If you are a winner, everybody appreciates you and thus you should be good in academics and besides it you should keep on taking participation in extra curricular activities as well. Be good in sports, debating, quizzes and simply everything. This can make you really the spot of the spotlight.

3. Crack Jokes But Sensible Ones:-

The problem with some of the school students is that in order to look cool in front of others, they try to crack jokes that are vulgar in many senses and thus rather than making a good impression, they make a bad impression or a spoiled impression. Even if you crack jokes, these should be sensible ones if you wish to be cool in school.

4. Never try to mortify anyone:-

Out of power some people try to mortify others in school what may make you down in the eyes of many others and thus you should never try to mortify anyone if you wish to stay cool in school. Be kind, decent and polite as this can really change other’s temperament towards you.

5. Develop Friendly Relations with the Teachers:-

You should never speak vulgar with the teachers as well. Try having a respectful approach while dealing with your teachers and treat them always while greeting with good words from your mouth. The more you have friendly relations with teachers, the more will they help you and the more you will be considered cool in school.

6. Be Polite, Responsible and Always Ready To Take Initiatives:-

Cool people are always polite with others. They are not just cool by their works but by their words as well. They are always with their work completed in all respects and they are always the star of everyone’s eyes. Simply be an all rounder and you would be considered cool.


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