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How to Be an Urban Vigilante

How to Be an Urban Vigilante


An urban vigilante is a kind of super hero. Though it is up to him, that if he uses or misuses his superpowers. An urban vigilante is a man of the town or city who decides to take the law into his or her own hands. A person does this usually due to incompetence by authority or individuals who can’t deal with the issue. Superman, batman and all other superheroes were leading the same life in their movies before they could get their superpowers. Though you do not get an actual super power in real life but still you can manage to be an urban vigilante following these simple tips:-

How to Be an Urban Vigilante

How to Be an Urban Vigilante

1. Open Up and N.G.O:-

The best way to be a savior urban vigilante is to open up an N.G.O. It is basically a Non Government Organization, which works for the purposes like saving women’s life against dowry, saving children against child labor or trafficking and saving women against body sale business.

You can also start one such NGO to start helping people who are discouraged by the local law authorities needing your help.

2. Join Hands with the Local Defense Authorities:-

In order to take the law in your hands, you should first have the knowledge of law itself. In order to have the knowledge of law, either you should be the one who has studied law or you should take keen interest in books of laws without being a law student. Besides this, you can manage to join hands with the local defense authorities to stay in touch with them.

3. Look Up For a Mission:-

You can pick up any random mission for yourself. For example, saving a girl’s life from getting aborted before birth or you can ask some defense related person to hand over a special case to you. You can also join hands with the multiple police officials to work as an undercover spy under them.

4. Have Contacts with Cops As Well As Convicts:-

A good vigilante always keeps both the options open for himself. This includes having good contacts with the cops as well as with convicts. You should have contacts with cops to know what case remains unsolved by the law authorities and on what cases has the government put forward a suitable price income as this will prove to financially support you. Besides this, keeping contacts with the convicts will make you have better views and analysis of secret things happening around in dark corners of the city.

5. Bring Your Mission to Completion:-

Here comes the final step. This includes you to move ahead for your mission. Use each and every resource and clue available with you to take law in your hands and to resolve the aim of your mission bringing the guilty person behind the bars. Collect the reward money from in charge officer and get recognized in the good books of police departments. Don’t forget to keep building new contacts to take further more cases and to solve them with a positive approach.


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