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How to Be an Assassin in 6 Easy Steps

How to Become an Assassin


You may take an assassin as a murderer. The difference between an assassin and the other murderers is just that the assassins are the professional murderers that take murdering contracts for the official political and religious religions. According to the region you are living in, there may be several ways in which you can choose to become an assassin as these are always in demand where political issues are burning. In case you need to become an assassin, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Be an Assassin in 6 Easy Steps

How to Be an Assassin

1. Learn the Guts and Wits:-

First of all, let me tell you that an assassin is full of guts and wits. Try researching about all the qualities that an assassin needs to be equipped with and inculcate them in you so as to get benefited. A perfect assassin is full of bravery, determination, dedication and can do anything to achieve his target.

2. Build more and more Contacts:-

The second thing that follows the step to become an assassin is to build up the contacts. Have meet and greet with the people in this profession, including the professional assassins, the religious people and politicians. This will easily fetch you a job. Politicians and religious people are the people who go for practicing the assassination most often and thus these people will prove to be your godfather in case you need to be an assassin.

3. Learn How to Deal With Weapons:-

An assassin should be aware about all the sorts of weapons that can be bought into use. Try learning samurai techniques, try learning the usage of rifles, AK47, machine gun and the long distances hooters, bombs, etc. A perfect assassin is familiar with almost all the kinds of weapons and he knows how making the use of them as well.

4. Stay under a Professional’s Surveillance:-

Try meeting some professional assassin so as to stay under training with him and assist him while in his work to get trained into a professional assassin. He will teach you the tricks and tips to make an assassination his way. Try making new experiments afterwards, but till then keep on following what the professional teaches you and maybe he himself gives you some case of assassination to handle.

5. Be Your Own Boss Afterwards:-

After you have got perfectly trained and have solved one or two cases of your own, you can be your own boss afterwards by getting a visiting card published and deliver it to the politicians and religious people so that they may call you anytime they need an assassination to be practiced with someone in their network. Get the job, accomplish it and get famous as an assassin.

6. Take Assassination Contracts:-

After you get recognized amongst these people, it will be able to fetch you a contract time to time. Getting a contract itself is not enough to be a successful assassin and instead you need to fulfill the job properly as well try accomplishing the contacts that you get in a proper way and be ready to do anything to complete the target that you are provided with and the rest will be achieved itself.


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