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How to be a Good Parent (6 Steps)

How to be a Good Parent


In order to be a good parent, you need to understand what are the needs of your child and what he expects from you. How can you understand his or her needs in a better way and how can you bring about the desired results out from your child. Here we are explaining some such ways that will help you be a good parent in true senses.

How to be a Good Parent

How to be a Good Parent

1. Keep Praising Your Child:-

Every child seeks to gain his parent’s attention and try their best to gain it. If you learn to praise your child in front of others, you can bring the best out of them. Learn to praise your child and tell them they can get even better. Instead of telling them what you were in your childhood, tell them what you want them to become when they grow up.

2. Never Compare Him with Some Topper of the Class:-

It is a habit with most of the parents that they start comparing their child with some topper of the class. Everybody is not the topper. Know your children’s interest and be a backbone for him. Enrich him by working on his qualities and bring out the best in him. If he is a mediocre in studies, he might be a good hockey or cricket player, he might be good in dancing or archery or fencing or some other thing, you just need to find that and start working on it.

3. Listen Him and Give Him Time:-

Learn to talk with your child at least once a day. Talk to him and listen when he or she speaks. Give enough time to your child in a way that he or she does not feels neglected. Sometimes even if the parents think they are taking good care of their ward, still there may be something left that they need to do and that can be countered by talking only.

4. Affection Counts:-

Learn to show affection to your ward. Hug your child, kiss your child on cheeks, do pillow fighting with him or her and learn to be his or her friend more than a parent. Having a friendly approach towards your ward may help you a lot to bring about the best in him. The day your child learns to share everything with you, you yourself would have become a good parent till that date.

5. Rules That Do Not Make Him Feel Encaged:-

Impose rules on your words but do not make them feel encaged. Let them move out, go out for movies with them, explore the beauty of nature by going on trips and picnics with your children and enjoy with them. Though you can put some limits on them, but the limits should not be in large amounts as they may not feel the home to be their jail.

6. Control Your Anger In Front of Them:-

If you ever have a clash with your partner, learn to sort out the things in your bedroom. The child should not ever get a clue about your fights. Learn to forgive and compromise. The more you stay good with your partner, the more will your child be happy.


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