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How To Be A Claims Adjuster

How To Be A Claims Adjuster


The claim adjusters are accountable to handle the insurance claims, negotiating the settlement value and approving or rejecting the claims placed by the customers. A claim adjuster also needs to follow the guideline of the insurance norms and allied regulations as well. Interviewing is a major job role of the claim adjuster, due to which, the claim adjuster might need to work for a long hour as well.

How To Be A Claims Adjuster

How To Be A Claims Adjuster

The career requirements of becoming a claim adjuster

Initially, the claim adjuster needs to have an associated law degree or the bachelor’s degree. Programs like bachelor’s degree in the risk management or the diploma in the insurance degree will be required to work upon the profile of an insurance adjuster. These courses will enhance the knowledge of business, risk management, financing, state laws and other business regulations.

Once the study is over and the candidate receives a bachelor or diploma degree, a pre licensing course needs to be completed to get a job as a claim adjuster. A proper licensing will be asked from the state department before providing the employment opportunity. Hence, the applicant must undergo a licensing course. Is there any time shortage for going through a licensing course? Do not worry. The pre licensing course is offered in both ways, either online or offline. It is almost 40 hour long course and needs to be completed within a week. Hence, the student can get admission into an online course to save the travelling cost and time as well.

What about the exam?

Depending on the regulation of different states, the examination pattern varies. The required paperwork needs to be completed to be a claim adjuster. The candidate should have sound knowledge regarding the agency law, investigation process, legal compliance and the insurance terms & conditions as well. Additionally, the candidate can also go for a private certification as well. The benefit will be acquiring optimum practical knowledge regarding the claim adjustments. This certification course duration will be 90 days training. The successful completion of the training can make the path easy to become a public claims adjuster.

Is there any requirement of gaining experience?

Experience matters a lot to perform in the position of claim adjuster as different laws and compliance norms are associated with the claim adjustment process. It will be better if the candidate undergoes an internship from a reputed insurance company. The specific law followed in the insurance company, the quotations and the process of adjustment, will be covered in the internship period. Thus, the candidate could acquire a good debate skill to support the claim figures.

Finally, the candidate should join a professional organization to become up-to-date with the changing norms, which will help enhancing the existing knowledge base as well. Some employers offer continuous education to the adjusters. This could become helpful to the candidate experiencing in-depth functional knowledge. The reputed and authentic employers conduct a 2 year online course, which provides additional career benefit to the employees.


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