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How to Avoid Sleep During Work Time

How to Avoid Sleep


Sleeping is necessary to give your body some time to relax and relieve itself from the stress of a hectic day schedule. People say that six hours sleep is necessary for everyone in their lifestyle, but sometimes either due to work load or due to some family responsibilities and other such essential jobs, one has to keep himself stay awake and sometimes it becomes really irritating to stay awake as our eyes are trying to get closed for sleeping but we have to keep them open forcing them to stay awake which is really troublesome. Here we are mentioning some of the easy changes which once adopted, will make you able to stay awake for a long time without making it troublesome for you.

How to Avoid Sleep During Work Time

How to Avoid Sleep During Work Time

1. Keep the Lights switched on:-

The first step in helping yourself stay awake is to keep the lights switched on. When you keep the lights switched on, the rays of light keep on entering your eyes and their rays help you stay awake. Darkness in the room helps you get asleep soon and thus you should avoid darkness.

2. Keep Walking:-

Try sitting near a table. Your back should be straight while sitting on it and you should not lie with your head placed on the table. Keep moving if you are unable to sit like this. Take small rounds in between and keep splashing your eyes with water time to time.

3. No Heavy Meals or Lying in Bed:-

When you are taking heavy meals, it becomes troublesome for you as a heavy meal means arrival of sleep. Stay away from taking heavy meals and do not keep lying in your bed as comfort also means an early arrival of sleep. Try sitting or walking, but completely stay away from lying.

4. Don’t Use an Air Conditioner:-

It is a habit of our body that the cooler environment it gets, the earlier we fall asleep and thus if you are using an air conditioner in your room, it can also make you fall asleep soon. Try switching off the air conditioner and even fan in case you wish to stay awake.

5. Have a Cup of Coffee:-

Coffee contains caffeine which can help you stay awake for a long time. Keep sipping tea after a regular interval to stay awake. You can also manage to start reading something in order to stay awake if you are awaiting someone’s arrival as engaging yourself in something else can make your mind diverted from sleeping. You can switch on the television and watch some of your favorite TV serial or movie meanwhile to stay awake.

6. Bath in Hot Water:-

Taking bath in cold water always increases your chances to fall asleep after bathing and thus we will advise you to have a bath in hot water instead of cold water. Having a bath in hot water makes you stay awake for a longer time. Set multiple alarms and reminders on your phone so that it may keep ringing after every ten minutes to remind you that you have to stay awake.


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