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How to Avoid Relatives you Don’t Like

How to Avoid Relatives


Relatives can get really clinging sometimes. They borrow your car for their personal needs and they even do not abstain you from asking you to drive it for their sake besides not even taking care about your job and salary deductions. Sometimes they keep calling you even if you ignore them and sometimes they start making multiple visits to your house in order to ask favors. One can’t ever avoid relatives when he stays calm and available. In order to avoid relatives, you need to be stubborn and if you still feel confused about the way you can ignore your relatives, these tips will surely work for you:-

How to Avoid Relatives

How to Avoid Relatives you Don’t Like

1. Don’t Always Say yes:-

The problem with some people is that they are habitual of saying “Yes” whenever someone asks them for a favor. Though it is not bad to be available whenever someone needs you, but you should never make your own in order to let someone else earn a profit and thus we should know when and how to make a distinction between “Yes” and “no” as a final choice.

2. Keep Mobile Switched Off Or Out of Reach:-

Some relatives keep on disturbing you even in the office time by calling you multiple times on your cell phone. It appears to you that such people are free from every sort of job and thus they keep on troubling you. The best way to avoid such people is to block their number using a call blocking software or by keeping your mobile switched off.

3. Learn to Make Excuses:-

Learn how to make excuses. For example, if someone asks you for a useless favor and you have some important work to be accomplished during this time, you can easily make an excuse that you are sick or you have an appointment with your boss or some important person on that day. Such excuses can really save your skin against your relatives.

4. Keep Your House Locked From Outside:-

Some relatives, even not leave your house spared. They will arrive at your house, even if you are outside and they will keep waiting for you while relishing cup of tea made by your wife multiple times while waiting for you. When one such person is expected to arrive, just lock the main gate from outside and use small door partition in it to move inside.

5. Ask Them Back a Favor:-

When someone amongst your relatives reach you to ask for a big favor, for example to ask a big amount of money from you for paying his/her debts or for purchasing something like a car or for any other such purpose, just pretend like you yourself are surviving by keeping your debts consolidated and that you have not got even your salary since a very long time. When you already know that the other person is going to ask you for a favor, ask him for a favor even before he asks you about it.

6. Simply Say No:-

In some of the cases, it is always better to say a direct “No”. Just make a remark that I have some important job work to do and brother, I won’t be able to help you in any way. Giving a direct answer to the other person is always better in such cases.


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