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How to Avoid Acidity In Stomach at Home

How to Avoid Acidity In Stomach


Acidity is sudden feeling burning sensation in the stomach that most of the people experience after eating something. When digestive acids are produced by body in an excess, the person experiences the state of acidity. This can happen by eating ultra spicy food or can even be a result of the added chilies in the party made foods, acidity is a common problem and thus there feels a need to have a relief from it in a natural way. In this article we are up with some tips to avoid acidity in a natural way, some of which can be explained as follows:-

How to Avoid Acidity In Stomach at Home

How to Avoid Acidity In Stomach at Home

1. Avoid Spicy Foods-

Avoid the extra spicy food that is served in marriages, kitty parties and birthday parties etc. This food is the most likely to cause you acidity. In order to stay immune to acidity, you should avoid this extra spicy food and take a normal diet with no spices added in it. A food rich in pepper and chilies should also be avoided. Mostly all the junk foods are rich in spices, these foods should also be avoided.

2. Leave Your Bad Habits:-

When you are drinking or smoking, even it is likely to cause acidity. If you are consuming carbonated beverages, you should quit drinking them in order to stay healthy and free from any type of acidity. Even passive smoking can cause acidity, so we advice you Not even to sit with the person who smokes.

3. Bring More Exercises In Your Schedule:-

In a study it has been revealed that those who exercise more are less likely to experience acidity. Exercising releases the harmful toxins out of the body and helps in frequent sweating and thus the extra acids get easily eliminated from the body of individual with the problem of acidity.

4. Regular Meals:-

Take regular and frequent meals. Consume a plenty of water. Eat something basic as the bases when mixed with acids can neutralize their effect. Adding more water to acids can make them dilute rather than concentrated, so drinking more and more water can help you dilute the concentrated acids in your body.

5. Drink A Glass of Whole Milk:-

Whole milk has proven health benefits against acidity. In a study it was seen that those who consumed whole milk stayed more immune from any type of acidity in their body than the ones not doing so. Thus drinking whole milk can even save you from acidity.

6. Take Antacid Solution:-

Antacid solution is an anti acid solution whose function is just to neutralize the effect of the acids in the body of individual taking it. If you feel sudden burning sensation in your body, take a dose of antacids and feel relaxed.

7. Milk of Magnesia:-

Milk of magnesia has proven health benefits against acidity. You can consume milk of magnesia in order to get relieved from acidity. Milk of magnesia can neutralize the excess of acids accumulated in your stomach and when those acids get neutralized, the individual gets relieved from the burning sensation in his body.


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