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How to Ask How are you in Different Ways

how to ask how are you in different ways


Whenever we meet someone in office, school, in the way to some destination or when we visit someone’s house, it is our first duty to ask them about their well being before beginning any conversation. Even if you are on a phone call, you should ask about the other person’s well being before beginning any conversation. “How Are you”, so easy is this sentence to speak, but most of them feel confused about the perfect way to ask it.  If you also feel confused with the perfect way to ask someone about the status of their well being, these tips can be bought in use:-

how to ask how are you in different ways

How to Ask How are you in Different Ways

1. When in an Interview:-

When you are in an interview, the interviewer mostly asks you a question,” How are you feeling today”. If you have been selected as a recruiter for a particular interview, you can also ask this question from the candidates who arrive in your office for recruitment. Whenever a candidate arrives, ask him to sit down and simply ask him formally, “So gentlemen, how are you feeling today”.

2. Asking This from Someone of Your Age:-

If you are walking by your street and someone of your age meets you in the way, you can ask him/her this question by simply beginning with a simple “Hello”. Now the person will greet you back with a “hello” and you can ask him or her, “How are you feeling today”.

3. Asking It from Your Love:-

If you are just about to meet your girlfriend/boyfriend in a restaurant, you should ask this question just after meeting your partner. Reach the destined place and greet your partner with a formal “Hello” shaking hands with him or her. After a formal handshake comes the turn of this question, “So how are you?”

4. Asking this from an Old Person:-

If you are just about to meet your maternal/paternal grandparents, the meeting should begin with a formal “hug” or “kiss on cheeks”. Next there comes the turn to start talking with them and within this talk only you can ask them, “How you are today”or“How are you feeling today”.

5. Asking This from Your Teacher/Lecturer:-

When your teacher/lecturer enters the class, you should first stand up in his or her respect from your bench. You can greet your teacher with a good morning afterwards. Then you can ask this question from them with equal respect, “So miss/sir, How are you today”. Even if you meet your teacher/lecturer somewhere on your way to the school or classroom, you can greet them the same way.

6. Asking This from Your Son/Daughter:-

If you are a parent and your children/s have recently arrived home, first make them sit on the sofa and then talk with them. Ask them how their day had been and ask them how they are. If you are a son/daughter and instead your parents have arrived home, first give them a glass of water and then ask this question from them,” How are you dad/mom”? They will really feel happy.


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