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How to Arouse a Girl within a Week

How to Arouse a Girl


To arouse a girl means to evoke or awaken a feeling or an emotion in her heart for you. It may also be used for sexual arousal, which means awakening a girl’s sexual feelings for you. If you wish to have mind-numbing relationship with any female, you need to arouse her first and if you wish to do the same, these tips are going to help you for sure.

How to Arouse a Girl within a Week

How to Arouse a Girl within a Week

1. Keep a Watch over Your Looks:-

First of all, I will advise you to double check your looks and keep them attractive enough to arouse a girl. The more attractive and muscular you get, the more girls are interested in you and thus the first thing that you have to work upon is to get muscular and to come in shape. Let your Abs and muscles be seen out of the shirt and you can easily arouse a girl.

2. A Bit of Glamour:-

A bit of glamour adds to both, your style as well as your attractiveness. You can easily manage to arouse a girl adding glamour to your body language. Side by side you should have a friendly tone, a perfect posture and a killing smile. Stay away from wardrobe malfunctions.

3. Make Friendly Relations with Her:-

You can begin with friendship. Simply get close enough with her to let her think about you. Be ready to help her when she needs and let her think that you are perfect men amongst all the others of your age. Stay around when is close and let your friendship increase day by day.

4. Talk Dirty Sometimes:-

You can manage to get a bit dirty with her sometimes. Talk with her about the way you feel when you see a girl’s curves or when you watch her picture or when you are close with her. Describe your feelings in a sensual way. Don’t also forget when to stay calm and when to change the topic. Increase the extent of your dirtiness slowly.

5. Get Open and Frank with Her:-

Get open and frank with her. Talk with her about relations or even blue films or porn. Get even more frank with her sometimes, but then start behaving yourselves the next moment. This will make her feel aroused and she won’t even be able to leave your company as you start behaving well the next moment after getting dirty.

6. Touch Her Body Parts When She Is With You:-

When the girl is around you, touch her body parts in such a way that firstly she may think that it happened accidentally, but slowly she gets an idea that you are doing it intentionally and that you are dying to feel her body. This will make her feel aroused as a touch of body parts always makes one feel aroused.

7. Erotic Movies and Blindfolds:-

When she gets somewhat more close to you, try blindfolding her or watching erotic movies with her. Talk about physical relationships and let her feel each and every moment of those movies. After all, even a girl has got hormones in her body, till when will she keep herself away from getting aroused. She is sure to get aroused soon.


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