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How to Apply for TIN Number for Business

How to Apply For TIN Number in India


TIN refers to the Tax Information Network or Taxpayer Identification Number. It is a number issued by the taxation authorities of any country for the purposes like collection and calculations based on taxes using information technology. To have a TIN number is necessary for many business purposes and you have asked for it even when you wish to make a money transaction from some money transfer account like PayPal etc. If you need a TIN number for yourself, you can easily register for it following these easy steps:-

How to Apply for TIN Number for Business

How to Apply for TIN Number for Business

1. Gather the Documents needed:-

In order to register yourself for TIN number, you will need documents like an ID Proof/Address proof and a PAN card which serves to be your Personal Account Number. You should also have recently clicked passport size photographs and you should have an address proof as well. Your electricity bill or your ration card will also work as an address proof. You may also require a bank statement or a purchase invoice for this purpose.

2. The procedure of registration:

There are two procedures to get a TIN registered for you. If you are a proprietor, you can reach the concerned state taxation department in order to get a TIN number for yourself. This is the offline procedure and it requires you to get an attested photocopy of all the above mentioned documents to be attached with your application form. After your documents get confirmed, a TIN number will be issued to you.

3. Reach the NDSL website:-

NDSL E-Governance online website enables you to file an online application for your TIN number. It also enables you to find a TIN facilitation centre for yourself fill-in the details of your state and district. Once you fill in these essentials, it displays you the contacts of all TIN facilitation centers available in your region. There is also an option to file an online application for TIN number on this web page. You can also download the offline TIN application form clicking the link to download it. You may be asked to pay nominal fees for making the payment transaction for this purpose.

4. Track Your Application:-

Once an application form loads, upload the necessary documents that it asks you to provide filling-in your personal details and then press ‘ok’ button to upload the form. You can track the status of your TIN number application any time reaching the NDSL E-governance website. You can also track the status of your online payment transaction for the online transaction using the same website. If there is some doubt still left, you can contact the NDSL website directly.

5. Call the Department Anytime:-

You can reach the NDSL website anytime in order to find the nearest TIN facilitation centres in your region. The website is you can also make a direct call or fax or you can also send a direct E-mail in order to ask them any of your queries.

Telephone number 020-27218080 ;Fax Number:- 020-27218080; email:- [email protected]


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