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How To Aeroplane Fly Theory

How To Aeroplane Fly Theory


An airplane is an air based vehicle which has the ability to make flights or to fly in the air carrying the passengers. The idea of airplanes came to the human mind when he watched birds making flights and flying in the sky. Actually a bird flies by flapping its wings gliding with his wings outstretched in order to push the air and make way for it to move through the air ahead. The same concept is followed by the airplanes as well. Let us discuss how all this actually happens.

How To Aeroplane Fly Theory

How To Aeroplane Fly Theory

1. Engines Create the Thrust:-

A propeller blade pushes the air through the engine and makes the airplane move forward. This creates the lift which is a kind of force that pushes an airplane up in the air. The presence and usage of thrust is same in the case of every aircraft which flies.

2. The Presence of Lift:-

As I told you earlier that lift is created because of thrust created by the engine, this includes the flow of air as main causing agent. Air is there both above and under the airplane and the air moves faster along the top of wing while it moves slower along the bottom of the wing. A difference in air pressure is created like this and it makes the pushing pressure greater than the pulling pressure which makes the airplane fly.

3. A Force That Opposes the Thrust:-

There is also a presence of something which opposes the thrust. This is called a drag. A drag occurs because of air resistance when air flows around the wing. There is also a presence of an attracting force called gravity. An airplane operates on a fuel and has got several engines attached in order to make its flight possible. Its tires or wheels get enclosed inside the body while it is in its flight and they are taken outside while the airplane is ready to be landed.

4. Lift Overcomes Weight and Drag:-

According to a famous pilot, no airplane can fly till it becomes able to have lift and till when lift overcomes weight and drag. An airplane flies only when lift overcomes weight and drag. Thrust moves the plane forward and lift makes it fly.

5. Bernoulli Principle:-

The airplane fly theory can be best understood with the help of Bernoulli principle. This principle states that when the movement of air across the wings creates an upward force on the wings, which is greater than the force of gravity pulling the airplane towards earth, the airplane starts flying. You can study this principle deeply in order to distinguish and differentiate between thrust, lift, drag and other factors related with a flight.

6. Take Off and Climb:-

When an airplane carrying passengers is ready for a flight, the pilot switches on the engine and makes the plane move ahead. A propeller blade pushes the air through the engine and soon the thrust is created. This follows all, what we explained in first point and the lift gets created. Lift overcomes weight and drag, which finally makes the plane start flying.


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