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How to Adopt a Child in India

How to Adopt a Child in India


To have a child is everybody’s dream, but unfortunately some people are not able to get this happiness and seek to adopt some child. In this article the process of adoption has been explained for those couples who seek to adopt a child for them. You can go for a documental adoption from some orphanage or you can even help some poor kid and bring him home to treat as your own child helping him financially.

How to Adopt a Child in India

How to Adopt a Child in India

Why Do You Want To Adopt A Child?

To bring home a child to be adopted, the first thing I and the firm you are going to adopt the child from will like you to ask from yourself is “Why do you want to adopt the child and will that child get the care he or she deserves from you? Will you and your partner be able to care the child like your own one? Will you be able to share your resources, your money and your things commonly with the child? Go for an adoption if the answer is “Yes” and cancel the plan if the answer is “No”

If You Have A Child In Future, Will The Adopted Child Still Get Cared?

The next thing you will be asked is that ‘if you have a child in future from your partner, will you still live with this child or not? Will this child still get the care it deserves or the love will get more for your own baby and less for him? Will you be able to share your property with this child also?

Are You Responsible Enough To Care For The Child?

The next thing you will need for an adoption is to be responsible. If you are an earning hand and know your responsibilities very well and live a proper and sophisticated life with your partner and family, You can go for an adoption and get the papers filled and made for it. You will have to agree by the terms and conditions of the orphanage and then you can bring the child to your home.

Have You Got The Resources And Financial Sources?

The orphanage will even look for your source of income and resources and if you have enough space to keep the child in your house or not. You will have to complete each and every formality of the orphanage and then the custody of that child will be given to you.

Time To Time Inspection:-

The officials of the orphanage or any non-government organization as well as government organization can come to check how the child is living with you from time to time and the inspection can be made anytime till they get sure the child is leading a happy life with you. The orphanage can get back the custody of child from you the moment it feels that the child is being neglected or you are making any ill use of him or her. You should be responsible enough before going for an adoption. If the child does not wish to stay at home, he or she can come back to the orphanage any time and you can’t stop the child from doing so.


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