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How to Activate Windows after Installation

Window 7 Activation


To activate a window is an irksome task, some don’t even know how to do it. People learn to install Windows, but either get befooled because of the windows are fake or limits some features. The problem with fake windows is that it limits you from some of the features of the genuine window and most of the features get vanished when the system restarts after booting. Here we are mentioning tips to activate windows 7 in a smart and batter manner that will let you with full features and you will be able to enjoy windows 7 experience to the fullest.

How to Activate Windows after Installation Step by Step

How to Activate Windows after Installation Step by Step

What Do I Need To Activate Windows 7 Fully?

In order to activate windows 7  fully you just need an activator that will activate your windows and enable all of its features. Though to install your windows in a personal computer, you just need to switch on the computer and insert the CD ROM in it. and then you are just to press a key specified which is probably F8 or F12 that you need to press continuously in order to start windows installation and when you get a blackish tab to appear on screen where you can select the options and install the windows and reboot the PC but it will limit some features and thus you need to activate it fully using an activator. Most of the activator applications are either fake or are infected with viruses.

Activating The Limited Edition:-

First of all I will advice you to switch off the firewall in your system and switch off the security options of your device. Or you can enable the unknown sources from the settings. You can go for both the procedures, either manual or automatic. You just need to follow some simple steps.

Just left click on my computer and go to the system properties. You can even press window + pause button and three options will get displayed. The first one will be to activate the window online, the second one will be to ask later and the third one will be to show some other way to do. You can click on the first if you have an active internet connection. Internet can be connected through any means, either through Wi-Fi or through modem.

If internet is properly connected to the system, the option one will get opened and then it will show you a field to enter the product key issued by the seller of windows. When you enter the product key and click next option and finish the procedure, all the features that were limited earlier will get activated and you can reboot the system again, but if the product key is not accepted, you need to check your internet connection again.

If nothing works, you can try using the third option to show you another way to activate windows, maybe that benefits you. Or if even it does not works, call the person that you purchase windows from and ask him to guide you to activate the windows or to come home and assist you with your problem activating the windows.  


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