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How to Activate 3G in Airtel Sim Card

How to Activate 3g in Airtel


3g or third generation internet is an internet with tremendous ultra lightning speed. Airtel, which is a mobile operator company, offers this service to its customers and that too at affordable prices. With every SIM card that you purchase from this company, you have to make some formalities to use 3G on it and if you also wish to enjoy the quality of high speed browsing and 3G video calls, you can follow the steps mentioned ahead for it.

How to Activate 3G in Airtel Sim Card

How to Activate 3G in Airtel Sim Card

1. Messaging Method:-

In order to activate 3G service on your Airtel SIM card, you will need to open your phone’s messaging application first of all. Now click on write/compose message option and then type an SMS with word “3G” written in it and send this message To 121. By sending this message to 121, actually you are asking your network operator to start 3G service in your phone.

2. Call 12134:-

There is another procedure to activate 3G with Airtel and this does not require any SMS to be sent from your side but you just have to dial a number. Simply Open up your phone’s dialing pad and dial 12134 from it. Make a call on this number and follow the instructions to activate 3G on your SIM card.

3. Call Customer Care:-

If none of the above mentioned two steps works in your case, you can also make a call to the customer care unit of your network operator. They will assist you in activating 3G service on your mobile or they will activate it for you

4. Adopt Changes in Your Settings:-

For using 3G service in some of the devices, you will also need to make some system settings. Reach the settings of your phone and then click on mobile network option. Choose your SIM card and then click “preferred network type” option. Set your preferred network to WCDMA mode and your phone will start receiving 3G network. In Some of the dual SIM phones, WCDMA network words only with a specific SIM card and thus you should place your Airtel SIM card in that slot for using 3G Internet.

5. Restart the Phone:-

If you are trying to use the internet at a place other than your home network region, you will also need to check if data roaming is enabled on your device or not. Besides this you should also be subscribed to a suitable 3G internet plan if you wish to surf internet with this facility. After making these changes to your phone’s settings you have to restart your phone and then you have to wait for the phone to gain back the network.

6. Browse High Speed Internet:-

Simply switch on your data to surf internet at high speed. A “3G” sign or an “H+” sign will appear in your network bar when your phone starts operating on 3G network. If you still find yourself unable to use 3G services on your handset, you can move to the nearest Airtel customer store or you can get your phone checked by moving to its customer care unit.


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