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How to Act to Make your Boyfriend Love you More

How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You More


The way you love your boyfriend judges the time span of your relation. If you are good enough in attracting him toward you, he will keep stick to you only. No girl can take him apart you if you know the right way to love your boyfriend. In this article we are up with some tips that will help you to judge the right way to love your boyfriend some of which are as follows:-

How to Act to Make your Boyfriend Love you More

How to Act to Make your Boyfriend Love you More

1. Love Letters :-

The best way to express your love to someone is a love letter. You can write some poetry for him with feelings that are enough to cuddle him to your arms. You should keep on expressing your love to him from time to time, but remember he should not feel that you have become clung to him. He should feel you to be his basic and compulsory need. You should be available every time he needs you.

2. Affectionate Kisses:-

Hug him when he feels alone. Treat him like a mother, love him like a child. Kiss him affectionately when he needs you. Keep hands in hands when walking with him. Touch him gently all of a sudden. Hug him from behind sometimes and keep on hugging him till he does not implant a kiss on your cheeks.

3. Never Be Jealous:-

If there are some other girls also in your boyfriend’s life, never feel jealous of them. Give him some time for himself. Tell yourself that those are just the fans, you are the only queen and when your prince will feel alone, he will not go to them but you. The most important amongst all, you should keep on praising him.

4. Cook Food For Him:-

If you are a good cook, you can even cook food for him sometimes, and if he really likes the taste of your hands, he will surely like to eat something regularly made by you. This enhances love. Never leave any chance to make him dependent on you.

5. Keep On Seducing Him:-

Another way to love your boyfriend is to keep on seducing him. The more he feels sexually attracted toward you, the more are the chances he won’t ever leave you. Go braless when being with him, I am not saying to take out your clothes in front of him but I am just saying when you hug him, there should be no bra under your t-shirt so that he may feel your softness and he may get familiar to your fragrance. If he gets seduced he won’t be able to live without you.

6. Spend Quality Time Together:-

The most important step amongst all is to spend quality time with your boyfriend. Make movie plans, outings plan and even beach surfing plans can work for you. Decide to meet somewhere every weekend, plan dates and home alone sessions for you both. Make him dependent on you, the more he feels you to be his basic need and necessity; the more he will fall in love with you.


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