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How To Acne Treatment In Pregnancy

How To Acne Treatment In Pregnancy


When a women is pregnant, directly or indirectly, her health is related with the development of baby. the food she eats, the environment she lives in etc etc all have a direct impact on the health of both, the baby and the mother. so is the case with acne. the treatment of acne in pregnancy needs to be much precautive else may have an effect on the health of the baby. you have many options for treating acne during pregnancy, including self-care and medication. Beyond self-care, you might consider medication as a treatment for pregnancy acne.

How To Acne Treatment In Pregnancy

How To Acne Treatment In Pregnancy

however, any medication that’s applied to your skin or swallowed can enter your bloodstream and affect your baby. as a result, it’s important to exercise caution during pregnancy — even with over-the-counter products.
the options for treating pregnancy acne with medication include erythromycin or erygel, clindamycin or cleocint , clindage & others and azelaic acid or azelex & finacea. These medications are typically applied to the skin and are available by prescription.

However, opinions about using benzoyl peroxide to treat pregnancy acne are mixed. There’s little research on the safety of benzoyl peroxide during pregnancy, though problems haven’t been reported in these type of cases.

Though acne during the pregnancy period isn’t a special form of acne. many women simply seem to have trouble with acne during the pregnancy period. as all of the sensible minds have, even she is curious if it will have an effect on the baby or not. although it isn’t always clear what causes acne to get worsening during pregnancy, the likely culprit for most women is an overproduction of oil or sebum which happens when certain hormones go into overdrive. And fortunately, you’re not at the pity of your hormones.

While treating acne in pregnancy, self care is most important. to treat pregnancy acne, first of all start caring about yourself. a cleanser can be used with a luke warm water in the morning and at night before sleeping to wash the acne -prone areas with care .

you might also wash your skin after exercising. if you have oily hair, you must shampoo your hair on a daily basis   while being careful to keep your hair off your face.

You need to avoid picking, scratching, popping or squeezing the acne sores. these habits can cause scarring to develop on your skin. if you use cosmetics, the need of the hour is to stick to oil-free products and start looking for descriptions such as water-based or noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic. keep in mind, you have a new life to bring in this world, be cautious about every of your act.


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