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How to Access the Deep Web

How to Access the Deep Web


Often we see that there are webs build by spiders even in such places that are beyond the reach of normal human hand or cloth and thus we are not able to clean those places as there is both a depth that can’t be reached and there is a danger of coming in contact with multiple spiders as well. In case there is some place in your house that has been filled with spiders and their webs but you are not finding any approach to clean it, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Access the Deep Web

How to Access the Deep Web

1. Have A Rough Estimate of Depth:-

In order to have an access to the web which is deeper and beyond your approach, you should first of all try to have a rough estimate of the depth that it has got. Simply switch on the torch light that you have in your mobile and use it to look inside. The exact depth would be estimated like this.

2. Search for a Stick and Wrap Cloth on It:-

Now all you have to do is to search for a long stick or pipe which is as long as this depth or is even longer than it so that you can have an easy hold of it. The pipe or stick will then be wrapped with a piece of cloth at one of its sides and then you can use it by inserting it to the depth cleaning the deep webs.

3. Making Your Own Elongating Web Cleaner:-

In case you can’t take risk with a long pipe or stick that takes much of your space, simply use two to three pipes with one having a slight smaller area of cross section than the other. This will make one pipe fit exactly inside the other and you can elongate it or make it shorter according to need inserting one pipe into the other and then the cloth can be wrapped at the other side making it a web cleaner with adjustable length.

4. Use Burning Cloth For A Better Cleaning Where You Can’t Enter Yourself:-

In case you have to clean a deep area with much spiders in it that makes you fearful even to enter it, simply pour some paraffin oil on the other end wrapped with cloth and lit it with fire. Insert this stick put on fire to that area and the spiders along with their webs would get burnt making your fear go away within no time.

5. Clean Even the Corners:-

Even if you clean up some area, there is always one web or two still left it. These webs can be cleaned with a simple duster wipe as there are just tiny spider babies living in them. This saves you from the further development of big webs and thus you get sorted. All the Spiders Should Either Be Killed or Bought Away with the Cleaning Stick as if they are left alive, they will again reside in some corner and make webs for themselves.


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