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How to Abandon a Dog (5 Steps)

How to Abandon a Dog


To abandon a dog means to stop looking after it or to give up completely your love for him. If you completely ignore your dog and your love for him ends, it means you have abandoned your dog. Some people bring home a dog when it is in the initial stage of his life. This is the time when he is just a puppy with an age of ten to twelve days. They adore and look after him like their own child, but when the dog grows old, he starts chewing the home based things or that due to a lack of training, he starts urinating and damaging the surroundings. In some cases dog also bites the care taker and thus there comes a need to look for the options available to abandon him. The better way to do the same is as follows:-

How to Abandon a Dog 5 Steps

How to Abandon a Dog (5 Steps)

1. Stop Feeding Him yourself:-

You can’t ever abandon your dog till you keep on feeding him with your hands. Actually, when you stay attached with your dog or keep feeding him yourself, even the dog develops a kind of attachment for you and then it gets difficult for the dog to leave your company. In some cases, even if you try to sell the dog to someone else, the dog will soon return back to your house and thus it becomes essential to stop feeding your dog yourself in order to make him feel less attached to you.

2. Do Not Take Him for Walks:-

A dog stays attached with you till you keep staying in contact with him. Simply stay away from everything that keeps you close with your dog in order to abandon him completely. When you do not take your dog for walks yourself and someone else takes him for such jobs, the dog is much likely to feel attached to that person and not you. Simply find a good person for your dog to adopt it and ask him to take the dog for walks so that the dog may feel attached to him and not you.

3. Stop Caressing Him:-

You should also not caress your dog. If possible, pretend like your love for your dog has ended completely. Your dog sometimes recognizes you with just your smell and thus you should try staying away from him.

4. Engage with a New Buyer:-

After a few days of keeping your dog abandoned from all the love and care that you had for him earlier, you can get engaged with a new buyer of your dog for making paper work of adoption. Selling your dog can’t be easier than this. It is always better to sell your dog than to make him die without caring him.

5. Even Animals Have Feelings:-

When you bring home a puppy, even the puppy gets attached with you and start taking you as his parents. Even animals have feelings. You should never bring home a puppy to leave his company late. If somehow or in some situation, it becomes necessary to abandon your dog, you should not do it much quickly but you should instead try to give it a new home.


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