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How the Buddha Die | Founder of Buddhism

How Buddha Died


“Buddha is a name that we use while addressing the Gautam Buddha who proved to be a true path shower to the Buddhists. You can see his status in Sarnath, the place where Ashok Stambh is also situated. Gautam Buddha was born in c. 563 BCE or c. 480 BCE at Lumbini place of Shakya republic according to the Buddhist sources. He died at around the age of eighty years in c. 483 BCE or c. 400 BCE in Kushinagar part of Malla republic.

How the Buddha Die Founder of Buddhism

How the Buddha Die Founder of Buddhism

The Buddha was the founder of Buddhism and thus we remember him even today. Buddhism is a religion that is based on one person’s urge to take care of the other and even Buddha was like this only. Let us tell you about some concepts of his life and his death today.

Journey From Prince Siddhartha To Gautam Buddha:-

Being born to king Suddhodhan and Queen Maya, Prince Siddhartha was expected to enjoy every kind of royal luxuries without being exposed to any of the world’s sufferings in his royal palace but the diety wished something else for him. Actually the Buddha refers to a title which means a “person who is awake by all his senses” and Buddha was like this only.

Around 2500 years ago, Prince Siddhartha’s father tried his best to keep his son away from this world’s sufferings like ageing, death, diseases etc. as he had been told in advance by some sage that if his son comes to know about the sufferings of this world, he will leave all the pleasures of the king’s kingdom and will move forward to establish a new religion. Despite of all efforts made by king, Gautam somehow came to know about the sufferings of this world when an old person came across his wheel cart who was dying because of a disease.

This was the point of time when Gautam questioned about the condition of that person and he came to know that not all people in his kingdom were enjoying pleasures that he was enjoying in the palace and this made him move out of the kingdom in search of questions prevailing in his mind. He soon started wandering like a holy person in search of the meaning of life and soon established Buddhism after seeking truth of life from sages, prophets and educated personalities.

Buddha’s Death:-

Till this time, Buddhism religion had been founded by Guatam Buddh and people knew him more with the name “Buddha” rather than the name Siddharth which was given to him by his parents. He died because of old age at the age of eighty years. He had eaten a wild mushroom which resulted in a reaction in his body and ultimately he died. Gautam’s death was peaceful and mindful. People still worship him like a true path shower. Even the kings like Samraat Asoka later became the devotees of this famous personality who is not famous because of bloodshed or politics, but instead because of the good deeds and true path showing qualities that he left in this world even after his death.


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