How Soon Can You Take Pregnancy Test

How Soon Can You Take Pregnancy Test After Missed Period


When a girl is in her periods, she is mature enough to make babies which actually happen when her eggs or ova get fertilized because of a male sperm. This fusion of gametes is called fertilization and these results in pregnancy which makes a girl give birth to her young ones or babies. There is a test that is conducted in order to check if after an unprotected sex or protected sex, the girl’s ova has got fertilized or not and this test is called pregnancy test that enables a girl to know if she is likely to become a mother or not. The fact How Soon Can You Take Pregnancy Test can be described as follows:-

How Soon Can You Take Pregnancy Test After Missed Period

How Soon Can You Take Pregnancy Test

1. It Is Never Too Much Early Or Late If You Suspect Unprotected Sex To Cause You A Trouble:-

Someone has rightly said that it is never too late for anything and thus you can go for a pregnancy test the very moment you feel like you had an unprotected sex the last night. Unprotected sex means sex where both the mates are indulged directly in physical relation without making usage of any semen barrier.

2. From the First Day of Your Missed Period in Actual:-

Talking to experts, they say that you can go for a pregnancy test from the very first day of your missed period in actual. This proves to be the best option if you know when actually you had missed the period. Pregnancy test in this stage can be made either with the urine test kit or even through the other medical approaches as well.

3. If You Are Not Sure About Your Next Period:-

If you are not sure about when your next period is going to occur or take place, you may choose to Get the pregnancy test done 21 days or three weeks after you last had an unprotected sex with your partner or three weeks as this is the normally most suitable time between one period and the other when pregnancy test can be made..

4. Actually It Is All About Checking the Pregnancy Hormone:-

If you are likely to get pregnant, the pregnancy hormones would be found inside your body for sure and the most of pregnancy tests are based on tenting the amount of pregnancy hormones only. There is no side effect of any pregnancy test and there is no danger to your health. (How Soon Can You Take Pregnancy Test)

5. Not Just One Test Is Always Enough:-

The experts also told us that a single test may not be enough to check that you are pregnant or not and thus if you are trying to use a home based pregnancy test kit, you may choose to go for checking it multiple tests as it is not essential that the results that occur the first time may be same with the second time always.

6. Ovulation generally happens after 14 Days of Your Last Period:-

An egg actually lives for a span of 12-24 hours after it gets released and if it is not fertilized, you never get pregnant. Ovulation generally happens after 14 days of your last period and thus from the very end of this time, you may begin testing yourself for pregnancy. (How Soon Can You Take Pregnancy Test)


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