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How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair


Hairs are the most vital and important part of a woman’s body and enhance half or her looks and beauty. thus a great care needs to be followed while washing up the hair and while conditioning or combing them or washing them in shampoo as if they get damaged , the beauty of a women gets on risk, thus here are given some simple steps to be followed while washing the hair for a women.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

1. Soak Up The Hair:-

for the perfect washing of your hair, you need to make them wet first of all and for this purpose the hair need to be soaked up completely in water rinsing them for about sixty seconds and it is better if the water is of a mild temperature that does not feels much hot to be tolerated.

2. Shampoo The Hair Perfectly :-

Now after soaking up the hair, you need to take up some good shampoo in your hands (preferably the AMLA or REETHA shampoo or The Khaadi Gramodyog shampoo as they don’t have much of the harmful chemicals in them) now rub a small amount of shampoo on the palms of your hands and keep on massaging with the foam in your hair for about two minutes on the area of the scalp of your head.
The massaging of the shampoo should not be made too vigorously with the fingers as the breakage of hair may occur like this.

3. Rinse Hair Again :-

Rinse the hair again completely until the water runs out leaving no bubbles and there is no need to wash the hair twice with a good shampoo for two minutes making the foam except when the hair are too dirty or have some dirt struck in them.

4. Conditioning Is Also Important :-

The hair now can be combed up or using fingers they can be made separated to eliminate if some thing is struck in between them and then the conditioner ( preferably the livon conditioner etc ) can be applied on the half wet hair as the conditioner brings about a shine and silkiness in your hair. The conditioner should be applied through the middle and tips of the hair. The hair with conditioner applied on them should be left as it is for about a few minutes and may be combed after getting dry.
The hair of a women are half of her life, so while washing up your hair or hair of some other women , keep it in mind to avoid any sort of hair breakage as much of the hair get broken while combing them so a great care needs to be taken.


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