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How often Should you Play with your Child

How to Play With Your Child


Children are future’s fathers. This sentence has two meanings, one meaning state that it is a child who becomes a father in the future and second that it is a child, who makes the future of the country after getting old and thus it becomes a duty of every parent to stay attached with their children to guide them in a favorable way. The best way to get attached with your child is to play with them regularly. This develops a feel like friend attachment amongst you both and a sense of trust and emotions gets developed amongst you both.

How often Should you Play with your Child

How often Should you Play with your Child

1. Let Him win sometimes knowingly:-

While playing with your child, it is not mandatory that you should always win and your child should always lose. You don’t have to show your brain power to your child. You can let him win sometimes knowingly to boost his inner spirit and to let him face challenges in a favorable way. This will increase emotional touch amongst you both.

2. Put on Obstacles and Hurdles Sometimes In Front of Him:-

Though you can let your child win sometimes, but you should not forget also to keep on putting some hurdles in front of him time to time. This teaches him a number of ways to fortify himself as well as his brain. This also increases decision making power of your child.

3. Fight Sometimes and Tease Each Other sometimes:-

You can cheat intentionally during the game sometimes to tease your child. This has got a lesson for your child that it is not necessary that people will always stay calm or friendly with him, but he will also face multiple cheats in life and thus he should be ready for each and every obstacle placed in front of him.

4. Celebrate Each Victory:-

You should celebrate each of your victories together. Give your child a treat each time he does something beyond your expectations in a favorable way and the next time, you will see him even smarter than before. Both indoor and outdoor games are perfect for a son and father and thus you can keep on switching between the available gaming options each time.

5. Teaching the Meaning Hidden behind Each Game:-

You should also become a perfect coach for your child. Never forget to teach him the rules, tricks and meaning hidden behind each game. Teach him your best moves so that his brain and decision making power gets boosted in a very initial age of life.

6. Ways to Be Master of Each Game:-

You should teach your best moves to your child. These moves are the experience of your entire life and when your child will learn these moves at a very initial stage, he will surely be more intellectual than you. You should teach him in such a way that he becomes a master of each game. You should behave like friends while gaming. Small clashes are also appreciated but every single clash should end with smiles and hugs between you both.


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