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How Much RAM is Recommended for a Gaming PC

How Much RAM Is Needed For A Gaming PC


A gaming personal computer is a computer meant for the purpose of gaming. This type of computer comes equipped with a powerful processor and a graphic card to make game playing easy and adventurous. RAM, which is a memory that makes multi-tasking facility enabled on any device, is thus required in a suitable amount as much of the games are too heavy for a low configuration to be able to accommodate and thus here we are mentioning the RAM needs of every kind of gaming computer.

How Much RAM is Recommended for a Gaming PC

How Much RAM is Recommended for a Gaming PC

1. Depends on Your Needs:-

It always depends on your needs that how much you are expecting from your computer. If you try to install G.T.A vice city game in p4 computer with 512MB RAM and an average quality graphic card, the game will make your PC get hung with even a single click and you won’t be able to play that game on your computer. In some cases the game won’t even install properly.

2. Depends On the Game’s Needs:-

The RAM requirements for a gaming computer also depend on what a game needs from you. Suppose if you download a game from some internet based website, there is always a caption with every game which reads the memory requirements for it.

If you are expecting a game with higher memory requirements to be played inside your gaming computer, you should first increase RAM in it.

3. Depends on the Configuration of Your Computer:-

It also depends on your computer’s configuration. My friend had a p3 laptop with him, which did not even function properly. He was trying to install super Mario and friend’s game in it. The game did not install and he started blaming the computer. Later on, when he tried to install avast antivirus in that computer, even it did not install.

Your computer’s configuration also proves to be a great judging factor in deciding if your computer can be a gaming computer or not.

4. Depends On Your Expectations with It:-

If your computer can be a gaming computer or not, also depends on your expectations with it. Earlier I was using a p4 computer which used to get hung while even working on Microsoft word sometimes.

I never used to play games on it as it could result in a pc hang problem, but when I switched to dual core and then core2 duo versions, multi tasking became easy and I could play games even while opening some files keeping them minimized along with a working internet connection feeding some of its RAM.

5. The More, the Better:-

The more RAM you have in your device, the better gaming experience you get from it. There are some games even work with a low RAM like suppose you have a low configuration computer say p4 with an average graphic card.

You can easily play games like Alien shooter 1, alien shooter 2, super Mario etc in it, but if you wish to play big and bulky games like GTA vice city, you will need to purchase a computer with high configuration for sure.


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