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How Much Does an a Abortion Cost

How Much Does an Abortion Cost


Abortion can be understood as the ending of pregnancy by removing the tissues of the fetus from uterus using contraceptive or surgical means before the baby gets able to survive on its own. It gets caused naturally in the case of miscarriage, but can occur intentionally in cases where the mother is not ready for the baby as well.

How Much Does an a Abortion Cost

How Much Does an a Abortion Cost

You can take mifepristone or prostaglandin as the medications to do it with the help of medicines or you may even reach your nearest child care hospital to get the tissues removed surgically after the doctor will make you lie on an examining bench and examine your vaginal part getting the tissues out of uterus. We all are aware about all these means, but the question that arises here is that how much these methods of aborting a child will cost you?

Medicinal Abortions:-

Commonly used emergency pills that can prevent you from getting pregnant will involve a hormone that is named as levonorgestral and which helps you to generate an appropriate environment for the embryo to be able to survive on its own. The abortion is made this way safely making the use of medicines.

There are many pills like i-pill, Unwanted-72, Preventol, T-Pill-72 etc that are specialized to bring about an abortion, making use of the medicines and the cost of this method may prove to be very much cheap for you. Most of the contraceptive medicines cost as less as 100 Indian rupees approximately and thus are very much affordable.

Surgical Abortions:-

Going for a surgical abortion, You will need to reach the nearest pregnancy related health care hospital and get yourself registered with that. They will give you the dates when the surgery can be made and may even ask you to wait and think for some time again before going for an abortion.

The doctor will ask you to lie down on an examining table and look for your vaginal part taking the tissues out of your uterus, part which will take him approximately 15 minutes to do so. After every tissue gets eliminated from that part, you will be made to rest for a while and then go back to your home taking some medicines to avoid infections.

The cost of a surgical abortion may depend on various factors, including the facilities that the hospital provides and if it is a government approved or a private hospital. The private hospitals may charge somewhat more than the government aided or government owned hospitals and the cost totally depends on the hospital where you are going to get an abortion done surgically.


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