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A Complete Guide to How Memory Card Works

How Memory Card Works


A memory card or a storage SD card is a chip or a device used to store data in it. These days memory cards are available in many memory variants starting from 1GB to 128GB and even more. This small chip with a size as small as one centimeter is really becoming popular due to its large storage capacity with small size and almost all the phones these days come compatible with a memory card except the ones who come equipped with inbuilt memory but no memory card support. Let us discuss the working of a memory card today.

A Complete Guide to How Memory Card Works

How Memory Card Works

1. Millions Slivers of Silicon:-

There are millions of slivers of silicon with every memory card. These slivers of silicon are mapped out into effective capacitors. Each of these mapped out effective capacitors contains a binary digit code which is bought in use in order to make a memory card function.

2. When We Place Memory Card in a Slot:-

A memory card can’t be played without a memory card reader or a memory card slot. This serves to be the place where the memory card is placed. Even the memory card readers are a kind of memory card slot in them. When we position or place a memory card in its respective slot, the device reads it with the help of its operating system.

3. Stores Digital Information:-

Memory cards never require power for their operation, though power is needed to store files in them or to read files from them. According to our technology expert, a memory card functions just to store digital information which can be stored via any operating system with a memory card slot connected.

4. Keeps It for Long:-

In case of old disks and storage media, the stored videos, music and other such files were prone to get deteriorated or damaged because of time and thus they were not as safe as a memory card which can safeguard your data for as long as ten to twelve years and even longer if you take good care of it.

5. Rows of Tiny Memory Chips are always working:-

If I make you understand the functioning of a memory card, there are rows of tiny memory chips positioned with every memory card which are always working. These tiny working memory chips can thus be held responsible for the working of your SD card or flash card.

6. Gets added automatically:-

Whatever you store on a memory card gets stored permanently and if you delete it, it gets deleted permanently. You can use a memory card both as a RAM and ROM. A memory card can also serve as RAM on your computer if you make some changes to its settings.

The information stored on a memory card is automatically tuned and played in every device in which you position it and it never takes much time for a device to play media stored in your SD card. Memory cards thus become a reliable source of digital data saving.


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