How Many Jobs Require A College Degree (5 Steps)

How Many Jobs Require A College Degree (5 Steps)

how many jobs today require a college degree


A degree is a detailed marks card that the universities issue a candidate when he or she completes a graduation or post graduation course. Generally this detailed marks card is seen as a criterion to decide if someone is educated enough to go for something or not. Though being just a tradition but still there are many jobs that you can’t achieve just wish hard work and instead you need to be qualified enough to go for such jobs. The distinction how many jobs require you to have a college degree can be made as follows:-

How Many Jobs Require A College Degree

How Many Jobs Require A College Degree

1. If You Are Going For Teaching As A Profession:-

If you are doing Bachelor In Arts, Bachelor In Science or any other bachelors degree just in order to become a teacher or a lecturer in that field, you are advised to go for the masters degree as well as a bachelors degree in education or a masters degree in education and only after you complete these specifications, you would be able to get a job. Getting a job is easy after this level of achievement but still afterwards you may have to go for courses like PHD or M.Phill etc.

2. If You Wish To Become A Doctor Or Engineer:-

In case you wish to get a job of a doctor or engineer, even the bachelors degree plus a period of training is enough to procure you with a job as these are professional courses but still if you wish to become a trainer or teacher in these fields, you should go for the masters degree in these subjects as well.

3. Some Professions Never Require a Degree:-

Some professions never require a degree. When I went to my job provider to work as an article writer, he simply kept my degrees by the side and asked me to talk and answer his questions face to face as degrees never tell how skilled you are. They are just an educational formality that you need to have.

4. If You Are Going For Some Government Job Or Business:-

If you are going for some government job, you would have to get a degree according to the level of job that you wish like for a constable or a Low division clerk or peon’s post, even 12th would be enough, but if you wish to go for bank or post office or for the job of officer like that of income tax, I.A.S or I.P.S etc., you might have to clear a test besides having a degree in graduation. Creating opportunities for yourself also never bounds you with a degree and thus if you choose to go for starting up your own business, no degree is required.

5. Some Companies Even Don’t See Any Degree:-

There are even some companies that do not see any degree at all. Simply reach there, give the interview, complete the training and get hired. There are also some government based open recruitment notifications where degree is never a boundation.