How Long Will a Hemorrhoid take to Heal

How Long Will a Hemorrhoid take to Heal


Hemorrhoids refer to the condition of human health in which the vascular structures start developing in an individual’s anal area. In this condition a person experiences itching, pain and tenderness that makes it unbearable for him to stay normal in some of the cases. In this condition the person may experience bleeding in his or her stool and even there may be inflammation or swelling reported as well. In case you are suffering from the same, here we are explaining how long it takes for a normal individual to have hemorrhoids healed and what factors make it heal in a better way.

How Long Will a Hemorrhoid take to Heal

How Long Will a Hemorrhoid take to Heal

1.  Frequently Persistent in Some of the Cases:-

It has been seen that in some of the cases, where the hemorrhoids get habitual to occur, the person is likely to meet frequently persistent cases of this disease with them that would occur soon after they eat something other than the home made food.

2. Short Lasting in the Other Cases:-

In the other cases, hemorrhoids may occur to a person some day but they will go soon after two – three days with change of food and lifestyle taking proper medicine for it. Hemorrhoids prove to be short lasting for those who don’t have the habit of taking beverages or outside made food.

3. Depends On How Much Care Is Taken From Your Side with the Precautions:-

The time that hemorrhoids will take in your case to get healed depends on how much care you take from your side to heal them and to prevent them from happening again. Whenever hemorrhoids happen to you, simply take the medicines to make stool liquid, have hemorrhoid treatment pills recommended from the doctor and take fiber rich food. Hemorrhoids will get relieved soon like this.

4. Surgery is needed in some of the Cases:-

In case there is frequent occurrence of hemorrhoids, you should not take a chance as these are likely to come again and again. In such cases there is no other option but surgery and after you go for the surgery, hemorrhoids site would get relived and you would get treated against them.

5. Generally Not More Than Two Weeks In Case You Take Care Of The Precautions:-

Even in case you did not take care of the precautions and it is your first or second time to encounter hemorrhoids, these are not likely to last more than two weeks but if it happens, you should immediately seek for medical care.

6. If This Experience Is Your First Experience:-

In case this one is your first experience of hemorrhoids, even the simple approaches like drinking more fluids, taking the medicines that make your stool liquid and eating whole rice or other fiber rich foods may help you in this direction.


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