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How Long Does Cocaine Stay in your Urinary System

How Long does Cocaine Stay in Your System Urine


Cocaine refers to an alkaloid based drug that is obtained from the leaves of Coca plant. It can be used as a drug to suppress your appetite, to block the sodium channel and as a means to get insane as well. The excessive usage of this drug has been found to be harmful for an individual and this is why it is illegal to carry cocaine without written permission from law. It acts as an anesthetic as well and if taken in high doses, can even make you lose your life by causing an immediate cardiac death in some cases with excessive intake of it.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in your Urinary System

How Long Does Cocaine Stay in your Urinary System

1. How People Take Cocaine:-

It has been found that people take cocaine in several ways including oral administration, inter nasal administration and by simply inhaling it as well as taking it by the means of your nose. When taken through the nasal means, It gets absorbed in an individual’s bloodstream and this way it affects the Sodium channel and can even result in a sudden cardiac death as well.

2. Presence of Cocaine In Rest of The Parts:-

Besides bloodstream as well as urine, many other approaches are there that can help one determine if cocaine is there in an individual’s body and some of these include the saliva testing & the hair testing etc.

If I talk about the time for which cocaine stays in an individual’s hair, well the traces of cocaine in hairs may be found till many next years and howsoever approaches may be followed by an individual but it will stay in an individual’s hair for more than three months for sure.

3. The Staying Period of Cocaine In Our Body:-

It has been found that cocaine stats in an average person’s system for about three to four days and this is the time in which the traces of it can be detected in the urine of most of individuals. The period for which the compound benzoylecgonine can be found in an average person’s urine is determined as this period only. If the user has been taking a regular dosage of cocaine since a long interval of time, He or She is even likely to be having it for more than five or six days or even more.

4. The Approaches of Blood Test And Urine Test:-

As I told you earlier that cocaine gets dissolved in an individual’s bloodstream, the blood tests can help you a lot in order to know the extent of cocaine in an individual’s body till the next 12 hours of taking it.

If you need to go for the urine test, it can be affected if a person has taken a large amount of water, the amount of cocaine in that person’s urine will get diluted to much extent and thus even urine tests are not able to determine it fully.


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