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How Long do you Bleed after a Miscarriage

How Long do you Bleed after a Miscarriage


Miscarriage is a situation in which a mother loses the baby in her womb sue to certain reasons which leaves you devastated in certain ways. The women who undergoes this situation often is seen suffering from physical as well as mental tensions and the moment she watches other babies and their mothers, she has to suffer a great feeling of jealously as well as inferiority complex with others. Often this case causes a sort of bleeding in such women and the question, how long this bleeding will last for, is what every such case will ask for.

How Long do you Bleed after a Miscarriage

How Long do you Bleed after a Miscarriage

1. Quick Answer For Miscarriage Bleeding:-

If you ask me to give a quick answer to the question, that how much will the bleeding because of miscarriage will last, I will answer simply that it will take you two weeks for the bleeding to stop. This period will also accompany cramp related pain along with it and the extent of bleeding may differ from case to case. If you have gone for a surgical operation, the bleeding might go even earlier and if you go for the natural approach, it might take some time but typically in all the cases, the bleeding takes approximately 14 days to stop.

2. The Accompanied Problems:-

You seem to be more cautious about the bleeding rather than the women, have you tried to ask her what state of mind she is going through after all this happening to her? Well this experience leaves a women totally distressed and she experiences physical as well as emotional pain. She will experience a flood of emotio9ns and thus you need to console her sideways as well.

3. The Factors That The Bleeding Depends Upon:-

The recovery of a women from bleeding depends on certain factors and that include how frightened she is, how strong she is and what is the state of her body after the entire approach. Some women are found to recover much quickly from this state while the others take time and thus a period of two weeks is what you get in answer when you ask someone how long will it take a women to stop bleeding after miscarriage. It also depends partially on the size of pregnancy and also the approach used for managing it.

4. Encountering The Side Problems:-

In some of the cases it has been seen that a vaginal discharge takes place or there is a case of fever associated to the women, you need to reach the hospital immediately as these might be the signs of infection to that women and only the doctor can treat that infection. The sanitary pads like Whisper, Sofy, etc. available on all medical stores these days. You are to advised to take an utmost care so as to prevent infections. You are also advised to keep on changing the under garments so as to avoid such condition.


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