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How Long do the Effects of Alcohol Stay in your System

How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System


Alcohol is a drink that often stays in controversies being associated with hangovers and other health problems. People say alcohol is the major reason for a hangover to take place, but for how long does this alcohol stays in our body?
Well, to understand this we are here with some data on how much time does alcohol stays in human body reading which this doubt of yours will get clarified.

How Long do the Effects of Alcohol Stay in your System

How Long do the Effects of Alcohol Stay in your System

1. Depends On Certain Factors:-

The time for which a hangover takes place depends on the amount of alcohol taken by you, the added drugs, If taken. Your age and your sex. If I talk about as report conducted on various people for the amount of alcohol staying in their body, Women lose alcohol much time after from their body than in case of men. People in lower age groups burn alcohol much easier than the old aged ones. Some of the alcohol we take gets eliminated either through breath or by sweat or urine, but the rest stays in our body and stays till our body does not metabolizes it completely or breaks it down.

2. Approach To Measure Alcohol:-

A blood alcohol test is done in order to measure the amount of alcohol in the body. This test is based on the concentration in your blood, which tells you how long the body will take to eliminate or burn the alcohol inside it. 10 ML OR 8 grams of alcohol approximately is metabolized by our body in 8 hours, but it is so in the case of pure alcohol, approximately most of us take pegs of alcohol that are diluted and in my opinion, approximately 5 pegs will take four to five hours to get eliminated. The time till what the alcohol will get metabolized in the body depends on the strength of the person as well as how much he can bear it.

3. Additional Factors:-

The time for which alcohol will stay in your body depends on the other factors like your diet also. If you have drunk a lots of water after the moment you drunk alcohol, the alcohol content in your body is also likely to get diluted and you might feel relaxed. It also depends on the food you have eaten after it. The more you stay hydrated, the more alcohol gets eliminated from your body faster.

If you had vomited after the time you consumed alcohol, the alcohol content in your body gets easier to be eliminated even faster.

4. Taking A Minimal Limit of Alcohol Is Not That Much Bad:-

If you satisfy yourself with a normal peg of alcohol daily, the alcohol content is likely to stay just for an hour or two. If you had consumed dry fruits or some veggie salad with it, It can go even faster. It is always advised to take your food after consuming your peg of alcohol as it is likely to get eliminated even faster this way getting metabolized easier.


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