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How Long Do Opiates Stay in Your System Blood Test

How Long Do Opiates Stay in Your System Blood Test


Opiates are the analgesic alkaloid compounds found naturally in the opium poppy plant. The plants of opium are used to make opium drug which people consume with cigarettes as well as other such ways smoking it up to make them go insane with its effect. These are believed to have an effect on the nervous system and it is said that opiates take a long interval to get burnt or eliminated from the body. People who consume opiates are doubtful for how much time will the opiates take to get eliminated from their system and in case you also wish to know that, here we are explaining the entire stay of opiates in human body.

How Long Do Opiates Stay in Your System Blood Test

How Long Do Opiates Stay in Your System

1. Depends On the Quantity Consumed:-

The time till which opiates stay in the body of an individual is totally based on the fact how much amount of alcohol had been consumed by him. The more opiates you have taken by any means, the more it take for the body system to eliminate them.

2. Mostly Narcotic Opiates Are Detectable for One Week:-

According to the experts, if you have taken the narcotic opiates, they may be detectible for one week or even more than that in the body of an individual and thus the tests are sure to catch you for the span of one week if you had taken narcotic opiates.

3. If Taken In A Minute Amount It Takes As Less As Three Days:-

If you had taken the normal opiates and that too in a less or controlled amount, these may be detectible for a span of less than three days or so. The traces are still likely to be found within your hair in case of some varieties.

4. Approximately 1-2 Days in the Blood:-

Talking about human blood, most of the opiates take at least one or two days to be eliminates from blood and till the body system is able to purify the blood, the opiates may persist in an individual. It depends partially on the power of blood purification capacity of the body as well.

5. As Long As a Couple of Months in Your Hair:-

The traces of opiates may be detected from an individual’s hair for as long as a couple of months and the more is the amount of opiate products taken by you, the more it takes for the body system to make you get rid of them.

6. Depends Also On the Body System’s Capacity partially:-

The more fluids you consume, the easily the system gets purified and thus it also depends on the body capacity that for how much time opiates stay in your system. Opiates should always be consumed in a controlled amount and it is even better if you don’t consume them at all.


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