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How is Natural Gas Formed – Natural Gas Extraction

How is Natural Gas Formed – Natural Gas Extraction


We all know that natural gas has formed after many years of application of atmospherically pressure to the fossils deep buried under the earth’s layers and after various physical and chemical processes resulted in conversion of these fuels to solid, Liquid and gaseous forms, the gaseous fuel that resulted from the fossils had got natural gas in it. Talking about the actual process of formation of this natural gas, we will need to go a little bit deeper and that you will understand in the further points.

How is Natural Gas Formed - Natural Gas Extraction

How is Natural Gas Formed – Natural Gas Extraction

Difference between Dry Natural Gas and Wet Natural Gas:-

Often you must have heard about the two terms, namely the dry natural gas and wet natural gas, this does not means that the wet will have water content in it or the dry will be free of water, but instead the dry natural gas is the one which is a purified one and has got only methane content in it. The wet natural gas on the other hand contains compounds other than ethane and methane.

Modern Day Extraction of Natural Gas:-

Talking about the modern day ways of extracting natural gas, the fossilization of dead plants and animals in the past resulted in the dead and decayed form of matter some of which stayed undecided or was not decayed completely due to some reasons. These ones resulted in the formation of natural gas that migrated where we find it today.

Now the technicians and technology developers developed such plants and pumps that suck up these gases from the ground by the means of pipes and then the contents are separated from that obtained gas so as to provide the compressed natural gas that we use at home and the other such gases that are obtained from the natural gas.

How Did We Know About The Natural Gas?

Earlier, when the usage of natural gas was not known to man, this used to be thought as an ordinary mixture of gases that were thought to be useless, but then when nearly 500 B.C when the potential use of natural gas was discovered making the usage of bamboo based pipelines in China so as to boil the sea water and make salt from it, and generate pure water for drinking after evaporation process, the initial usage of this gas was observed.

Then there begin countless researches on this gas so as to know how energy is bought down in use so as to make use of this gas and then there a discovery took place that actually this gas was a combination of multiple gases which could be separated by multiple techniques so as to make use of it in a better way.

Natural Gas Extraction From Gas Wells:-

Talking about the extraction of natural gas from the gas wells, the first well drilled by humans so as to extract natural gas out from it was made in Fredonia in year 1821 and it is still regarded as the first intentional effort done by man so as to extract the natural gas out of wells. Natural gas is a mixture of gases like methane, ethane, propane and some other gases like carbon dioxide, H2S, etc and these gases are firstly sucked up by the means of pumps from the earth and then each gas is separated by the means of multiple approaches. Talking about the properties of this gas, it is an odorless and colorless gas which means it has got no smell and no color in it.


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