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How is Fasting Different From Dieting

How is Fasting Different From Dieting


Dieting is literally different from fasting. Shocked to read this? But is is truth. Often we guys mix dieting and fasting with each other. We use each of them as synonyms, but no, these two terms are entirely distinct.

How is Fasting Different From Dieting

How is Fasting Different From Dieting

In our modern era every body is a fitness freak and all they want is to be fit, but this fitness freak attitude comes with an attachment of being lazy. People want to loose weight but they do not want to put in much effort or move their fat bellies for loosing its fat. They have become a couch potatoes. And all they want is instant results. So they focus on such means of loosing weight by which they do not have to work and also have to keep the life running in the same manner by getting the results as fast as possible. Then they finally decide to go for fasting instead of dieting.

People are mostly confused about the facts of dieting and fasting. They think dieting means not eating or dieting means staying hungry and starving all the time. This is absolutely wrong. Who told you guys that if you want to loose weight then you have to starve. Let me clear all your doubts.

What Is Fasting?

Fasting is an act of eating less or avoiding or skipping some meals because of some religious point of view. People often believe that fasting can be done to give yourself a sought of punishment by avoiding the meals to pay for our sins. It has a religious belief behind it. It does not involves judicious eating or any plan for keeping up the calories, but is only concerned with skipping the meals for pleasing the god. Fasting is not solely exclusive of food but it can involve many things like food, water, sex and other activities.

But the must point that must be kept in mind is that your body needs to be in ketosis while you are fasting, otherwise it could cause damage to your body as our body, muscles, organs and other parts needs some calories and glucose to function, so it is necessary for your body to be in ketosis.

What Is Dieting?

Dieting is a way of eating. Dieting is totally different from fasting. When fasting is an act of not eating then dieting is a way or a proper technique of eating so that you can maintain your multi-vitamin level and still can pace up for reducing the number of kilo grams. It does not involves skipping of meals but instead tell you about the what you should eat and what not.

Normally, diet is the sum total of the food we consume and water we drink. so taking its meaning from its name is says you should eat. But whatever you eat should be healthy, good and proper amount.

Dieting has now a days become a part and parcel of everybody’s life. For completing the weight loss regime people often focus different diets.

Many different types of diets have emerged these days which undoubtedly help you in weight loss but avoid the main nutrients needed by the body. These give you more problems which are harmful for your body. So these diets are not lame. Because a diet has to be healthy and effective along with that judicious.


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