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How Is AIDS Caused, Physical Contact, Oral Contact

How Is AIDS Caused


AIDS or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a disease which is caused by the HIV virus. The Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection causes this disease and it can be spread either by physical contact, oral contact, and blood transmission or by the other such ways. AIDS disease begins with an infection, which may not even be detected in some of the initial cases, but it stays inside the body making it deficient in the terms of immunity.

How Is AIDS Caused, Physical Contact, Oral Contact

How Is AIDS Caused, Physical Contact, Oral Contact

AIDS virus is regarded as the most beautiful virus amongst all but this disease is declared to be the worst disease because of the condition that it causes to an individual. There can be following causes of this disease:-

1. The Infection of Virus:-

If you ask me the main cause of this disease, I will simply answer that AIDS happens because of a virus infection. A Virus is actually neither a living thing and nor a non-living thing. It depends on its host for living. When you come in contact with this virus and it enters your body, it causes an infection which results in AIDS.

2. The Infected Injection:-

Suppose a patient was infected with the AIDS virus and the doctor or compounder injected some medicine in his veins or took out some blood out from his body for some test with this injection, the same injection will carry an amount of the AIDS virus with it and if someone uses the same injection again with some other person, the infected injection will prove to be a carrier of the AIDS virus for him as well.

3. Oral Contact:-

Oral contact is the best way of making love, but if your partner is infected with virus of HIV, the same oral contact can result in an oral infection and rather AIDS than proving to be a means of spreading love. The second cause of this disease, thus can be noted down as oral contact between two partners.

4. Physical Contact:-

We all know that one cannot produce offsprings without making a physical contact and even if one does not need to produce offspring, still they make sex or physical contact for satisfying their physical needs. This physical contact can prove to be a harbinger of AIDS for you in case one of the partners is infected with this disease.

If any of these infected partners ditches each other in order to make physical relations with someone else again, the third person will also get infected with this virus and thus there is a continuous fear of infection while making physical relations with an infected person.

5. Blood Exposure:-

An exposure to some already infected person’s blood can also sometimes result in an AIDS infection. Suppose two people get damaged in an accident and the blood of one person gets mixed with the other person’s blood by the means of contact of their wounded part of the body. This situation is also likely to make one infected with this disease.

The virus of AIDS never knocks your door before arriving. It can remain in your blood for years without showing any signs. You come to know about it when you fall a prey to some other disease and when that particular disease becomes intolerable because of lack of immunity in most of diseases as AIDS virus feeds your immune power first after entering your body.


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