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How is Acid Rain Formed in the Atmosphere

How is Acid Rain Formed


Acid rain is the rain that has got the content of acid in it. Though even the normal rain is acidic, but this is due to the reaction of rain droplets with carbon in atmosphere. Rain can get much acidic, sometimes when it gets mixed up with the carbonic pollutants that are emitted either due to the burning of fossil fuels or due to the pollution emitted by factories and kilns that burn up rubber tires to make fire in their chimneys to make bricks. The rain gets acidified after coming in contact with these pollutants and thus when falling on earth or the building surfaces, keeps on corroding them, but we still remain doubtful about this entire procedure and thus here we are explaining how the acidic rain gets formed.

How is Acid Rain Formed in the Atmosphere

How is Acid Rain Formed in the Atmosphere

1. The Rain Gets Formed In Clouds:-

First of all, the process of water cycle gives rise to the water vapors that rise upwards in the atmosphere and then get cooled down in clouds. The cooled down droplets take the form of water and when the drops get heavier, they release water in the form of water droplets again that we can regard as rain. Now this rain starts falling down and comes in contact with everything present in our atmosphere.

2. After the Rain Starts Falling Down:-

After the rain starts falling down, it comes across many things, including the pollutants present in the air. These pollutants get mixed up with these water droplets making it get acidified. The acidification of water makes its pH level to get decreased and thus this acidified water starts coming downwards.

3. Polluted Rain Falls Downwards:-

The rain that is falling downwards now has become polluted and the water has got rich in chemicals resulted because of pollution and emission of gases in the atmosphere. These droplets coming in contact with the air are brought to the further places and ultimately reach the earth’s surface, but come in contact with many things in between.

4. Comes In Contact With the Buildings:-

The acidified rain droplets that come in contact with the buildings that are made with materials like marbles or limestone start getting corroded after the acidified rain drops fall on them. This results in making many monuments and buildings get physically weak by the building material.

5. Comes In Contact With the Soil:-

The acidified rain after coming in contact with buildings, ultimately gets flushed or gets soaked up by the soil. The good worms and micro bacteria living in the soil that enhance its fertility die because of it and thus the soil fertility gets worsened. This soil gets barren day by day and the water ultimately reaches the water bodies.

6. Comes In Contact With the Water Bodies:-

When the acidified rain water ultimately reaches the water bodies, these water bodies get polluted with this acidified water and the life forms living in these water bodies get affected with it. Some life forms like frogs etc that can survive the acidic environment are able to survive but the others that can’t tolerate it are likely to die.


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