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How is a Baby Born

How is A Baby Born


Whenever we ask this question from some adult, being a kid, we are simply told the fairy tales like it is the god who blesses everyone with a baby and it is that a fairy comes with some baby in her hands and places it in the mother’s womb. If someone is really open, he may answer you that a baby is a result of love that a couple makes and the reality is even far away from your eyes after you enter some maternity hospital as well. In case you need to know the entire procedure for this to happen, you may choose to read the further lines.

How is A Baby Born

How is a Baby Born

1. Doctors Do Not Produce Babies, They Just Help In This Procedure:-

If I ask you, where are the babies produced, you will simply reply me with an answer “Hospital” and If I ask you who makes the delivery of a baby, you will simply answer it to be the “doctors” but my dear, doctors do not produce babies, they just help in this procedure. The production job has been done by the parents only.

2. The Baby That Gets Born In The Hospital Is Actually Developing From Many Days:-

The baby that is helped to be bought in this world by the doctors is actually in the mother’s womb,  developing, nourishing and fighting for life at this place from nearly nine months (the time can differ slightly) and this baby is actually the toughest sperm that has fought to make its way to get alive.

3. The Physical Process Involved:-

The physical processes involve the process of mating that means the both partners, i.e. the male and female will spend some quality time together, making physical relations with each other that I won’t tell you in details, but these physical relations are enough for them to produce a baby.

4. The Concept of Fertilization:-

Now when the both the sexes are spending time with each other, getting involved in the physical relationships, the male sperm is injected by the male partner into the female partner’s private part that makes the male sperms make the female ovary to be fertilized and when the female ova gets fertilized, this can be taken as the initial stage for the development of the baby that will keep on growing in the mother’s womb till it gets a life.

5. The Surrogate Ones:-

Talking about the surrogate babies, these ones are actually the product of love between a specific couple, but unfortunately the mother in this couple is not able somehow to go for a delivery and thus the couple hires a surrogate mother for the baby to be nurtured in her womb and when it comes to life, the actual parents are given the custody of it.

6. The Operation and Other Related Facts:-

Sometimes when the delivery is not normal, the doctors may even recommend an operation for the baby to be bought in this world and often when there is a case of danger to the mother or the baby, the doctors might even look for the written consent from the family’s side about whom they will like to save in any unfortunate conditions.


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