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How Hollywood Influences Bollywood Dance And Sex

How Hollywood Influences Bollywood


Hollywood is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California, which is known for its place and position in the U.S film industry. Many history creating film studios are included in it. Bollywood on the other hand is a Mumbai (Maharashtra) based film making industry, which makes films for the entire Indian republic which makes films in several Indian languages. It is said that Hollywood movies make a great influence on Bollywood movies. I agree to the fact up to some extent. Hollywood influences Bollywood in several ways, some of which are as follows:-

How Hollywood Influences Bollywood

How Hollywood Influences Bollywood

1. Influences the Music and Dance:-

Much of Indian Music and Dance is inspired and influenced by Hollywood. Much of the V.J’s these days are also a bit inspired by Hollywood’s way of acting. Even the Bollywood stars like “Govinda” and “Mithunda (Mithun Chakraborty)” seemed inspired by Hollywood and the clear examples of it can be taken out from Indian television Industry from the time when Govinda Bought “Break Dance” and Mithunda bought “Disco Dance” in respective movies of their time. The dance earlier was much based on expressions and not moves. These moves also seem to be much inspired from Hollywood only.

2. The name is also inspired from Hollywood:-

The very name “Bollywood” is itself derived from “Hollywood”. They just added “B” of “Bombay” instead of “H” in “Hollywood” and the name became “Bollywood”. Bombay used to be the centre of the film industry and thus this name inspired from Hollywood was really apt and suggestive.

3. The Style of Film Making And Animation Effects:-

With successful superhero movies like “Superman”, “Batman”, “He-man” and “Iron man” etc, Hollywood has created a number of superheroes in its history that attracted the attention of people. The Indian industry took inspiration from this and released movies like “Krissh”, “Ra-one” etc. The animation of Hollywood also seems to inspire Bollywood a lot and as a result new animated movies are coming forward with the Indian television industry as well.

4. Impact of Sex and Violence:-

The Initial stories of Indian movies were just based on a villain, a hero, a heroine, a nagging dad of heroine and a controversy taking place in between. The age of actors like Manoj Kumar and Dev Aanand bought about a significant increase in concept of novel based stories and till 21st century, the impact of sex and violence was also seen on Bollywood with movies like Mastizaade etc. Movies based on violence and stories of patriots also came into existence.

5. The Presentation of Legends and Epics:-

These days Bollywood has realized that legends and epics can also attract a number of viewers. Epic stories like Ramayana and Mahabharata always existed in the society, but Bollywood represented these epics with new and improved flavor with new costumes and effects. The films like “Baahubali” also came into existence which seem to be inspired a lot from Hollywood effect.

6. Change in choreography:-

With people like Remo D’souza etc. bringing forward movies like ABCD2 with a production label of Walt Disney Pictures and UTV Motion Pictures, the choreographic style of Bollywood is also seen trying to make space for itself in Hollywood. The style of diction, narration and performance also seems to be inspired a lot from Hollywood movies as well.


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