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How Hatred Can Consume You

How Hatred Can Consume You


When you have a very strong feeling of dislike or hate for someone, it is called hatred. Hatred appears as a friend to us but is rather our worst enemy. The feeling of hatred eats us from inside and makes us experience side effects such as madness, remorse, loss of self-respect, jealousness etc and ultimately eats us up or consumes us.  The person with a feeling of hatred for someone always keeps on making plans to make the other person feel low in life. I can’t say if he wins or loses the battle, but ultimately he himself gets consumed in all this. Let us discuss how.

How Hatred Can Consume You

How Hatred Can Consume You

1. When Plans Backfire:-

When you have a feeling of hatred for someone, it is but obvious that you will build plans to mortify that person or to make them lose their dignity. There is a saying in Hindi that when you dig a ditch for some other person, you are the first who fall into it. Such plans often backfire and instead of making the other people get mortified, you yourself have to become a part of embarrassment in front of others.

2. The Death of Either The Parties:-

Sometimes, the hatred gets so intense that you try to murder the other person, or even if you don’t have the intentions to murder that person, still some mistake from your side makes him die. If any of the parties meets an accident, life of both the parties gets spoiled in such cases as both of their names get registered with police records.

3. What If Your Intentions get exposed:-

Even if no harm takes place to either of you, still there are chances that you get caught. Once you get caught, your intentions get exposed in front of others. The people who earlier used to be friendly with you also break every relation with you in such a time.

4. Hate of Others:-

When you have a feeling of hatred towards the others, they also start hating you. Some great person has rightly said, “An eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind”. Same is the case with a person who suffers feeling of hatred. Such a person is actually a messenger of hate who exchanges hate and gets hated in return.

5. You Fall A Prey To Bad Company:-

Often when you seek for ways to take revenge from other person, you fall a prey to bad company. You befriend criminals, convicts and bad people to make your plans come to success and this makes you become same as them. The results can be even more devastating when any of these people tries to blackmail you or makes you fall a prey to drug addiction or something else like that.

6. Your Condition Keeps On Getting Low:-

In most of the cases related with hatred, it has also been noticed that a person’s mental condition keeps on getting worse if this feeling is not brought under control with time. Such a person gets mad in most of the cases.


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