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How Hard Is A Diamond

How Hard Is A Diamond


Diamond is basically the crystalline form of carbon that is thought to be the hardest form of carbon present on the mother earth. The diamonds are used as an ornament, a machine tool and scientifically seen as an allotrope of carbon.  The structure of a diamond is face centers cubic and there is a sort of shine associated with it. The way it reflects light and shines when kept in light make it the start of everyone’s eyes and though we know that it is counted amongst the hardest substances on earth, still one is always doubtful how hard it is and thus here we have bought some information to enrich your knowledge regarding the same.

How Hard Is A Diamond

How Hard Is A Diamond

1. The Usage in Making the Metal Cutters:-

Diamond is a form of carbon that is so hard that even the metal cutters are made using it as a main constituent. The things that are cut with the metal cutters have got a perfect cutting shaped with proper finishing and where the metal cutters fail, the diamond cutters are brought into use because of its hardness only.

2. Making the Diamond Knives:-

The diamond knives are made with diamond because of its hardness. The tools that the surgeons use include the knives made with diamond as these kinds of knives are so sharp that a single touch made can give an instant cut that can be bought in use for further surgery.

3. The Lattice is extremely rigid:-

Another thing that determines the hardness of a diamond is the level of rigidity associated with its lattice. It should be noted that the lattice of diamond is extremely rigid, which is why it can be considered as the hardest substance present on the earth.

4. Only A Few Kinds of Impurities Can Contaminate It:-

This should be noted down that just like the other elements can be contaminated with a little amount of impurities made, the diamond can’t be contaminated with any sort of impurity and instead there are only a few available contaminators like Boron and nitrogen etc. which again illustrates that diamond is the hardest form of carbon.

5. The Usage in Making the Jeweler:-

You must be aware of the fact that diamond is bought in use for making the jeweler and other sort of ornament. The level of contamination in diamond is less and it is a shining kind of form of carbon with maximum dispersion of light. The usage of it is made in making the jewelry because of the fact that it is too hard. In the olden times, the kings used to get diamond positioned in their rings as it could rip the ropes in no time.

6. Four Times Harder Than Corundum:-

Talking about the exact level of hardness associated with a diamond, It is the Hardest mineral according to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness being four times harder than corundum that stands as a runner up against diamond in the terms of rigidity and hardness.


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