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How Hanging Causes Death

How Hanging Causes Death


If you ask me a one line answer to this question, “How hanging causes death?” my answer would be “Asphyxia”, which is a condition of suffocation. Hanging is the suspension of a person by a noose or ligature around the neck. This process has been bought into use since centuries against the person with punishment “To be hung till death”. Hanging is a mode of capital punishment adopted by the nations of several countries to punish people with an offense committed beyond forgiveness. This method was used in India even during the time of British rule and our patriots like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were punished by Britishers using this mode of capital punishment only. Let me make you understand what actually happens in this approach.

How Hanging Causes Death

How Hanging Causes Death

1. The Person is positioned With a Noose or Ligature:-

The person to be punished is positioned with a noose or ligature around the neck which is in the form of a thick rope loop. This loop is tied in such a way that once pressure is applied to the other side, the loop will keep on getting tightened against the punished person’s neck when he is suspended with the rope.

2. Special Platforms Are Designed For This Purpose:-

Special punishing machines or platforms are designed for punishing a person with this approach. There is a platform where the subject is made to stand. This platform has a detachable door with nothing under it except hollow space. Once you open this door, the person standing above it will fall in a hollow space. The person to be hung till death is made to stand on this surface and then a piece of cloth is used to mask him so that he may not be able to see anything.

The noose or ligature is positioned around his neck from one side and from the other side it is attached to a pole positioned just above this platform. Now when the person is to be hung, the punisher pushes a knob which opens this door and the person with noose positioned around his neck does not falls in the ditch and instead he keeps on hanging with the noose getting tightened against his neck with each passing second. The subject ultimately dies because of asphyxia or suffocation and the punisher is able to make him die.

3. Know What Happens To A Person in This Stage:-

During this stage, the weight of a person acts as a means to tighten the grip of noose around his neck. The person dies because their jugular vein and carotid arteries get blocked. The blood flow to brain also gets reduced and the person keeps on suffocating till ten to fifteen minutes and ultimately he dies because of choking or suffocation. The death is cruel, brutal and more dreadful than any other form of death.

4. Short Drop Hanging:-

In this approach, a particular subject is placed on the back of a cart, horse or other such vehicle and the noose is tied around his neck. The object moves away keeping the person dangling from the rope. In case of suicidal attempts, people also hung themselves with a fan or an iron bar attachment positioned in the roof of their house.


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