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How Freckles Are Inherited

How Freckles Are Inherited


Freckles can be taken as small concentrated spots of a skin pigment called melanin. This problem is experienced the most by people with a fair skin. Most of the people are of a view that inheritance plays an important role in this direction and even I am of the same view as our genes affect this condition the most. Freckles are hereditary and they can even be non-hereditary as well. Freckles show a dominant inheritance pattern and if you have freckles, your children are also equally likely to have them as well. This concept of inheritance of freckles from one generation to other can be explained as follows:-

How Freckles Are Inherited

How Freckles Are Inherited

1. Controlled Primarily By MC1R Gene:-

Freckles are controlled my MC1R gene primarily. The inheritance pattern followed by such genes is a dominant one. Though we can’t say it clearly that a particular person will have freckles if they have one of two copies of this gene but we can surely say that occurrence of freckles is possible mostly in the cases where this gene is dominant.

2. Passed from parents to children:-

If your parents had a history of freckles, you are also likely to have freckles. If you are affected with freckles, your off-springs are also very much likely to experience this disorder in them. Freckles are carried forward from parents to their children as the process of inheritance. Besides this, the skin type and heredity are two main factors that play a key role in this direction.

3. How genes control freckles:-

We are clear about the opinion that genes control freckles and that it is MC1R gene, which dominates this process, but the amount of these freckles appearing on our skin is decided and influenced by environmental factors, sun exposure etc. Such factors also influence the size of freckles, color of freckles and even the pattern that they follow.

4. The Impact of Some Diseases Can Also Result In Freckles:-

Researches show that tendency to develop Freckles is seen the most in people who experience health disorders like “xeroderma pigmentosum” which is a rarely happening disease but is confirmed to accompany freckles with it. Besides this, we can never say that freckles will happen to an individual with only a particular skin tone or hair color as freckles can range from dark haired individuals to blonde hair individuals and you can never make a particular specification that to which individual will it happen.

5. Not a Sure-Shot Proof but Still Based on Facts:-

Most of the people make claims based on facts only and none of them has still been able to characterize that to which particular kind of person will freckles take place. It is a sure shot answer that freckles are hereditary and they are dominated by genes but one can’t surely describe the color of hair or skin to which freckles will take place though maximum chances of occurrence still stay with the fair skinned individuals only.


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