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How Fast Does Sound Travel

How Fast Does Sound Travel


When we talk about sound, we are talking about the kind of waves that are accompanied with a voice that our ears may or may not hear as the sound waves may be of varied nature. Talking about the speed of sound, it depends on certain conditions that we have explained in the further lines and it partially depends on the medium as well. To know exactly how fast the sound can travel, you may choose to read the further lines that we are mentioning here so as to make yourself acknowledged about the same.

How Fast Does Sound Travel

How Fast Does Sound Travel

1. Depends on the Medium:-

First of all, I will like to tell you that sound always needs a medium to travel and you may take this medium as air. In the spaces where there is no presence of air or in other words you can say there is complete vacuum, there will be no traveling made by the sound or you can say it won’t be able to travel.

2. The Formula to Derive the Speed of Sound:-

The formula to derive the speed of sound stays the same as the basic formula for speed which is distance divided by total time. In case of sound waves, you may take it as the distance that the sound waves have traveled divided by the total time taken by the sound waves to travel that distance.

3. The Exact Speed of Sound:-

Talking about the exact speed of sound, it is the speed of sound is around 343.2 meters per second In the case of dry air at 20°C and 1,236 kilometers per hour or a kilometer in 2.914 s or a mile in 4.689 s. The sound’s speed is always calculated through an elastic medium and the S.I or standard unit for it is meter per second or m/s.

4. The Sound in External Environment:-

Talking about the space travelers, there is no medium for them to speak and talk with each other as there is no atmosphere. You must be aware of the fact till yet that sound needs a medium to travel and thus even the space travelers will need air to make the sound through their vocal chords travel through it to make it heard to the other person and thus the suits that these space travelers wear are designed in such a way that there is a 24×7 supply of oxygen through it and when they speak, there is a kind of sound transmitter fitted in their suits along with a receiver that makes the sound travel creating a virtual medium for it to travel because of the oxygen that is flowing.

5. Speed of sound in gas:-

Talking about the speed of sound through gases, the speed of sound through ideal gases is independent of the frequency and varies slightly in case of the real gases. Even the temperature can affect it to some extent and it gets amplified or refracted in terms of echo produced as well.


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