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Beginners Guide : How Exam Is Conducted

How Exam Is Conducted


An examination is a way of evaluating someone’s intellectual knowledge. You study all the year to sit finally in an exam which is meant to adjudge what you have learnt in an entire year. Examinations are necessary to adjudge if a person has really studied something or he had just been wasting his or her time for the whole year. Actually, the idea of exams is a way to analyze all what your intellect worth and thus it is always better to sit in exams. Here we are explaining the entire procedure which is followed in order to take examinations.

How Exam Is Conducted

How Exam Is Conducted

1. A Dedicated Faculty Prepares the Question Paper:-

Approximately every exam begins with a dedicated faculty which prepares the question paper. A couple of selected teachers are asked to prepare question papers on a single subject and then a question paper is selected randomly from those question papers to be printed for conducting the exams. Even the paper setter does not know which question paper will be chosen for taking the exam.

2. Sitting Arrangements are made:-

The next step includes sitting arrangements to be made. Institutions are hired for this purpose if the exam is to be conducted on state or national level and then each and every seat is allocated to a specific roll number. Only the candidate with a specific roll number can sit on his or her pre-decided seat. To sit on a particular bench is never the choice of a student or the examiner, but the examination board faculty decided this seating arrangement.

3. The Staff Is Set On Duties:-

The people from the teaching staff of that institution or from the surrounding institutions are hired for giving their duties in the examination hall. One teacher is kept on duty as the superintendent and the other assists him. No cheating is allowed in such examination halls and some even perform the videography of candidates.

4. Question Papers Come Seal Packed:-

The question papers for a respective exam are kept seal packed with the exam superintendent and in some exams, the question papers reach the exam centre only on the examination day in order to ensure that no paper is exposed out for sales to cheaters. The seal is broken by the examination superintendent only and then the question papers and answer sheets are distributed to respective candidates.

5. Candidate Occupy Their Seats:-

An admit card is issued to each and every candidate, which contains a candidate’s roll number and registration number. This card also contains the signature and photograph of the respective candidate, which helps the exam superintendent to authenticate if the candidate is same as the person in photograph or if it someone else faking on the name of candidate to clear his exam.

6. Answer Sheets Are Sent For Checking:-

Even the procedure adopted for checking of answer sheet follows a special procedure these days. There are two sections in every answer sheet where the candidate writes his roll number and not the name. Nobody thus knows which answer sheet belongs to which candidate and the answer sheets are thus sent for checking. After checking, the answer sheets are sent for preparation of results and then the candidate can easily check their results from a specific website meant for displaying results.


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