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How Emotions Are Formed

How Emotions Are Formed?


The word “emotion” is a small word with a big meaning. If I express this big meaning in a small sentence, I would describe it as the feelings that we come across in our daily schedule. When someone hurts us, we start crying. When someone gives us some good news, we get happy. When we fall in love with someone, there is a strange plethora of feelings going on inside our heart. Even the feelings of hatred and satisfaction or jealousness are themselves emotions. Actually, an emotion is a conscious experience which can be characterized by mental activity. The formation of these emotions takes place inside the human body and is affected by the external factors. Let us discuss all this in an elaborated way.

 How Emotions Are Formed?

How Emotions Are Formed

1. How emotions are expressed:-

The person standing in front of us can easily get a glimpse of what we are feeling. If we are sad, the face would itself tell it. If we are happy, the smile will itself arrive and the person will get a clue that we are happy. Actually, the facial muscles which are governed by the nerves act as a kind of expressive pathway for our emotions. The emotions like disgust, fear, happiness, sadness etc. thus get easily expressed by our face itself.

2. The External Factors Act As a Stimulus:-

The external factors such as mood, temperament, personality, ailment, disposition, motivation, good news, bad news etc. all these act as a kind of stimulus for the person. When a particular person comes across these factors, he is likely to experience a feeling/emotion related to the particular factor that he has come across. I.e. if you come across a factor called mood, you will experience the same emotions as the condition of your mood in that time.

3. Message Is Conveyed To Brain:-

The hormonal processes or chemical changes taking place inside the body are also responsible for these emotions to generate. I.e. you feel aroused after coming across a sexy lady. The brain and its faculty called mind are also responsible in this. i.e. if you come across a danger, say a lion moving towards you like it will rip you off, your heart beat will automatically get increased sensing that danger and you will experience emotions of fear, sadness etc. at that time accompanied with sweating and muscle tension.

4. This Follows a Systematic Countdown of Mental Processes:-

A human undergoes a systematic countdown of countless mental processes during this time. When you come across a stimulus, the message is conveyed to brain. Your senses like touch, sight, smell etc. help in conveying that message and you experience feelings related to it. Emotions are a part of behavioral tendency. This experience can be positive or negative depending on situation, but it is sure that you will experience an emotion related to it for sure.

5. Different for Each Individual:-

Emotions are different for each and every individual. The way an individual expresses his/her feelings is also different. i.e. If you have planned a surprise party for your father, you must be really excited about it and emotions related with joy, happiness etc. are likely to come in your life during this time, but if your father is careful about spending the money or if he is a greedy person, he is sure to experience opposite feelings thinking that it was a waste of money.


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