How Donated Sperm Is Used

How Donated Sperm Is Used


All of you must have watched Vicky Donor, the movie right? If you have not watched it let me tell you the story, this guy Vicky starts money making with his sperms donating them to a psycho doctor getting money in return helping those who wish to get blessed with a child. Well this process is a real process and has got nothing fake with it. A sperm can be donated just like a kidney or blood is donated and then can be injected into someone else who is not able to lend his sperm to his partner for producing the baby. The entire approach how sperms are donated can be explained as follows:-

How Donated Sperm Is Used

How Donated Sperm Is Used

1. The Product Out of A Man’s Testis Is Collected:-

First of all the product out of a man’s testis is collected. This looks slightly like egg whitish yolk like mixture that the professionals store in test tubes and the get it for refrigeration. The processed product of men’s testicles is then bought in use for those who have got a lack of it in their body.

2. The Sperms Are Stored:-

The sperms are stored with sperm banks and there are various dedicated units of such sperm banks with various hospitals and infertility clinics. The people who find themselves physically unfit to produce babies reach these units so as to help themselves to produce a baby.

3. The Donated Sperm Is Injected In Women to Fertilize Her Egg:-

There are mainly two approaches of using this donates sperm. One is vitro fertilization while the other includes injecting the sperm into a women’s vagina passage to make her egg fertilized and after getting fertilized, the female egg gets matured to produce as child with the fusion of male gamete with the female ova.

4. The Procedure can be made Inside the Women’s Body or Even Outside:-

The second approach that is bought in use to utilize the donated sperm is Vitro Fertilization. This involves the outside or lab based processing of the sperm so as to fuse a male gamete and female egg and then producing the baby with it injecting the same in a mother’s private part. Thus the donated sperm can be bought in use both inside the women’s body and even outside it.

5. The Younger You Are, The Greater Are The Chances of Success:-

According to the experts, the younger you are, the more get your chances of successfully getting pregnant because of a donated sperm and the older you are, the less get your chances of getting pregnant because of a donated sperm.

6. The Risks Associated:-

There are also some risks associated with the same. There is a proper temperature and related conditions that need to be taken care of in order to bring donated sperm in use in order to make a women pregnant and thus in order to go for a donation or to get benefited with a donated sperm, you may choose to reach an infertility clinic.


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