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How Does Wind Power Work (5 Steps)

How Does Wind Power Work


You often must have watched blowing wind making the leaves and branches of trees to shake vigorously? Same is the case with the fan blades. Often, even when we have not switched on the exhaust fans, but a wind is blowing, the exhaust fan blade starts moving because of the wind pressure on its blades and thus without any electricity, the fan blade starts rotating. Talking about the wind energy, this one is the same energy that made the exhaust fan blade to rotate, but there is a slight difference in this case and that you will come to understand in the further points of the article.

How Does Wind Power Work

How Does Wind Power Work

1. The Fact behind Wind Power Generation:-

We know that there are several areas where wind blowing speed is much higher than the normal and it is enough to put forward a favorable pressure on the fan blades. In such areas, we simply fix up the windmill which means a fan is fixed up in the open which is attached to the turbine. Now when the wind blow, it applied pressure on the fan blades and makes them rotate because of this pressure. The fan rotates which makes the turbine attached to it start functioning and this mechanical energy is then converted to electrical energy.

2. The Usage of Turbines To Generate Wind Power:-

As I told you earlier that the turbines fixed with the fan that rotates because of winds results in the formation of power, the principle includes the propeller blades to start functioning which lie around the rotor and the rotor, which is connected to the main shaft results in the formation of electricity as an electric generator is attached to it and this way the mechanical energy applied by the moving wind to the rotor helps to generate electrical power.

3. Wind Energy as a Source of Energy and Its Future Scope:-

Obviously everything is bound to some limitations and same is the case with wind energy as well. We know that winds are never the same while the cost of implementation of wind mills is really high. But as we see that the other sources of energy that includes the fossil fuels are non-renewable and take millions of years to occur again, the wind energy may prove to be a hope for future generations.

4. The Formation of Winds:-

As we know that the sun rays result in the formation of tides as well as help in the variations that get created in the wind patter, the formation of winds is thus a solar phenomenon and it is a source of energy that is never going to end till human existence. This one thus proves to be a more conventional renewable source of energy that proves to be a hope for both the present as well as future generations.

5. The Home Made Wind Generators:-

Simply cut off the cold drink plastic bottles to form a wind rotating toy with it as like we used to do in the nursery class and keep it in the open. Now observe when the wind blows. This small handmade wind mill will start rotating when the wind starts blowing. This means that the wind is applying a kind of force on this windmill and if we have got a huge windmill with a huge wind speed that can really solve the problems of thousands of people regarding their electricity needs as well.