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How Does the Simple Electric Motor Work (5 Steps)

How does an Electric Motor Work


You may take an electric motor as an electrical device that converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy and thus makes its job fulfilled. Electric motors are used in fans, washing machines, grinding mills, water pumps, etc. and almost all the motors have the same work and that is some mechanical job that it is meant for. The basic approach involves the electricity to be flowed, the motor blade to start rotating and thus the attached equipment will also get rotated with it and this way the job of an electric motor gets completed.

How Does the Simple Electric Motor Work

How Does the Simple Electric Motor Work

1. The Parts of An Electrical Motor:-

The electrical motor consists of an outer cabinet in which we have fixed up magnetic bars. In between these bars, there is a strong electromagnetic coil that is composed of the copper wire that is winded around a steel or iron rod in a coil like form. The rod that this coil is wrapped on can be attached with any fan or pump depending on the requirement and the machine thus functions in a proper way.

2. The Basic Working of A Motor:-

When you supply the electric energy to motor, the current or electric charge flows through it. After the current reaches the electromagnet fixed in between the motor, a strong electromagnetic field gets developed this way and the working of an electric motor totally depends on the interaction of this magnetic field with the current supplied only.

3. How the motor blade rotates:-

After the current has been supplied to the motor, this electromagnetic field that has got developed within the motor will make the rod that the loop is fixed upon to start rotating with speed that depends on the amount of charge as well as the number of copper wire windings that the rod has got on it. You may simply take this rod as the armature that we have placed between the magnetic poles.

4. The Working of The Attached Device:-

Now when the armature starts rotating because of the interaction of current with the magnetic field, the other end of this armature that is made to pass outside through a hole in the motor cabinet will appear to be a rotating round rod to people. This rotating rod can be attached up with anything, including a rubber belt or in case of the fan motor, the fan blade is attached to this part and after fixing it up and switching On the current, the blade even starts rotating along with the motor rod or armature thus resulting in a fully functioning device this way.

5. Applications of The Electric Motor:-

Talking about the flour grinding mill, the rotating armature of the motor is fixed up with the rubber belts that get connected to it from one side and are fixed up with the grinding phase of the flour grinding mill at the other side and when the electric current is switched On, the rotating belt makes the flour grinding face to start functioning and when it rotates, the flour grains get converted to flour. Talking about the water pumping motor, the armature is joined along with a pump that pumps the water with the action of magnetic field and in case of a fan, the rotating armature rotates the fan blades and thus we are able to get air.


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